Thursday, November 15, 2007

DB Swings Rock!

I was doing 25# dumbbell swings this morning at the gym and man am I going to be sore! Those things are a killer total body exercise. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I would have used a 20# db, but they were all missing from the rack?? Stupid Gold's - that place is so trashed out all the time. What is up with people?? Why can't you just put your shit back where you got it from instead of leaving it strewn all over the damn weight room? Seriously, people drag db's all over the weight room and just leave them there when they are done. Same thing for O-plates, they leave them on the floor! Gah! The trainers are some of the worst, too.

Anyway, here was my workout (exercises are bodyweight unless otherwise noted):

2x10 - squat, pushup, wall stick-up, mountain climbers, lunge, spiderman lunge

Supersets - 3 sets of each

squat x 15
offset pushup x 8 each side

split squat with front foot elevated x 12 (10# db's)
inverted row x 12

stability ball side knee tucks x 6 each side
stability ball hamstring curls x 15

spiderman pushups (on knees) x 8 each
hip extension x 15 each

25# db swings 6 sets of 15 with 30 seconds trying not to puke...I mean rest in between

One of my colleagues is sick today with something ghastly. He looks like the living dead. People should not come to work when they are wheezing and oozing like that!!

Also, the weather turned cold and nasty today. The temperature is supposed to drop abou 20 degrees from this morning and it is windy and raining.

I'm looking forward to going home on Saturday! A whole week off - this is the first real vacation I have taken this year.

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