Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost there...

Coming down to the wire now! I think all we have left to do is get a DJ and finalize everything (flowers, photography, etc.). After this weekend - fingers crossed - we will be able to just sit back and relax until Feb. 19. Then another week until our honeymoon! I will be so happy when we finally get on the ship for our cruise around Australia and New Zealand! I've always dreamed of going there and I'm so excited to finally get the chance!

We still haven't made any final decisions about Germany. Part of us wants to stay just out of sheer exhaustion - another change? No thanks. Another part of us is excited to have a new adventure!

Am I just like Don Quixote? Always chasing after something elusive and not really real - a dream of greener grass? I have a restless heart...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I need advice. Adam has to talk to the detailer at the end of the month about our next assignment. Originally we were thinking we would stay here so I could work, and the last time he talked to the detailer, he told us we could stay here another 3 years after this year, then get a pretty much guaranteed follow-on assignment to Colorado Springs where we want to settle down ultimately. We have talked about asking for orders to Germany or Japan, though. Just to live overseas and have a cool experience and get to travel around. Germany would be Stuttgart - Army facilities, not the greatest, but it would be a great location to do day trips and travel around. Japan would be right outside Tokyo - really urban, big culture shock.

Anyway, the thing is that if we leave here at the end of the year, I will probably quit working. This is the big decision point for me - whether I want to keep working at this career path or not..... if we stay here I'll keep working at least until we have a baby, then who knows... maybe I will quit working anyway. If we leave here though, there is very little chance of me finding a job other than maybe at the fitness center or at the PX.

I have thought about a career change anyway, and I can use Adam's GI bill to get re-educated if I want to... we've talked about me being a SAHM while we have little ones too. That all sounds nice, but it also sounds hard to give up the gov't career I've worked so hard on these last few years!

PLUS - giving up my income. I LIKE being able to go into a store and buy a shirt if I want to! We would have to really reign it in if we are living only on one salary, especially if we want to do some cool traveling AND we're going to have babies!

EEK! What would YOU do??? I'm really torn! He says he will do whatever I want.

Friday, January 16, 2009

About that guy....

ok, so about this guy I was asking for opinions on...

this is a 52 year old Lt Col i work with! This is the same guy who is changing his eating habits on my advice... he was eating a candy and a mountain dew for breakfast. (how he made it to 52 and in the military no less without knowing a bit more about proper nutrition is beyond me.)

he's still single and he talks about wanting to meet a woman, and i was trying to give him some advice. i said that if a woman sees duct tape on your shoes she is going to probably draw some conclusions about you and your lifestyle and it's going to be a turn off. plus if she sees the rabbit ears and then finds out you don't have internet or a cell phone either.... most women would be running for the door. even if you're really nice! because this tells how you live your life and MOST people don't live like that!

sad to say my opinion is this guy is pretty cheap. he says he is saving up to buy a lot of land to have a horse ranch when he retires... and have retarded kids come over to ride them......... but honestly, getting some nice shoes would only put a tiny dent in that!!! plus, i've seen him eat moldy bagels because he didn't want them to go to waste. it's not like this guy doesn't have money!!! he probably has piles of it scrooged away, at 52 and a Lt Col in the Army you are well compensated and he has no one else to spend it on.

i know there are some out there who would not care about any of this, but they are few and it's limiting his dating pool. he's too set in his ways to change, i think... he absolutely would NOT believe me about the shoes. he thinks that god is going to send him the woman who will love the fact that he has duct tape on his shoes because "that's so him"... even after several women came into the office and were "informally polled" LOL about their opinion, he still didn't believe that women would judge him on the basis of his shoes!!! this turned into a long conversation with me arguing that people make judgments about each other on the basis of appearance. it may not always be RIGHT, but it's what people DO, it's partly how we make sense of the world around us so we know how to behave and interact with each other. he just vehemently opposed this idea, refusing to believe that people do or should judge each other based on appearance. anyway, he told me to ask the internets, so that's why i posted it!!!

thanks for your responses!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Would you date this guy?

Poor neglected blog! SORRY!!!! If anyone is still out there... I'm still here! I just haven't had much mental space for blogging mainly because I can't process all the things that are happening fast enough to write about them before more things are happening... there is just too much going on!!

On the wedding front. Stress. Trying to be super cool, but you know, it is a lot of stuff to plan. There is still so much to do even though we are doing stuff almost every day. Yesterday we booked our honeymoon!!! We are so excited, we are going on a 14 day cruise to New Zealand and Australia! We ended up finding a really good deal on the cruise and the airfare ended up being pretty cheap too.

OK! Fun question for all you ladies out there...

Pretend you are not married or in a relationship. Now say you are in a bar with your girlfriends (or a cafe or the rodeo or wherever...) and this guy comes over to start talking to you. He's interested in you and seems nice enough. Looks pretty clean - jeans and a button up shirt. But you look down and discover that he's wearing shoes held together by DUCT TAPE. Do you give him your phone number?

Ok.... now let's say that you decide you don't care about the duct taped shoes for whatever reason. Maybe you think he seems really nice. So you go out with him and he invites you inside for a drink afterwards. You discover that he uses a TV with rabbit ears. Does this, either on its own or in concert with the duct taped shoes, raise any alarms or questions in your mind? Or do you just not care?

Maybe you ask him about it and you find out he doesn't watch too much tv. He doesn't want to spend the money on cable. Or internet. Or a cell phone. He doesn't think it's worth the money to have these things.

And the boots... they're his favorite. And also? He doesn't want to spend money on new ones when these "still work"...

Do you date him?

Hope I get lots of responses!