Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I need advice. Adam has to talk to the detailer at the end of the month about our next assignment. Originally we were thinking we would stay here so I could work, and the last time he talked to the detailer, he told us we could stay here another 3 years after this year, then get a pretty much guaranteed follow-on assignment to Colorado Springs where we want to settle down ultimately. We have talked about asking for orders to Germany or Japan, though. Just to live overseas and have a cool experience and get to travel around. Germany would be Stuttgart - Army facilities, not the greatest, but it would be a great location to do day trips and travel around. Japan would be right outside Tokyo - really urban, big culture shock.

Anyway, the thing is that if we leave here at the end of the year, I will probably quit working. This is the big decision point for me - whether I want to keep working at this career path or not..... if we stay here I'll keep working at least until we have a baby, then who knows... maybe I will quit working anyway. If we leave here though, there is very little chance of me finding a job other than maybe at the fitness center or at the PX.

I have thought about a career change anyway, and I can use Adam's GI bill to get re-educated if I want to... we've talked about me being a SAHM while we have little ones too. That all sounds nice, but it also sounds hard to give up the gov't career I've worked so hard on these last few years!

PLUS - giving up my income. I LIKE being able to go into a store and buy a shirt if I want to! We would have to really reign it in if we are living only on one salary, especially if we want to do some cool traveling AND we're going to have babies!

EEK! What would YOU do??? I'm really torn! He says he will do whatever I want.


Lindsey said...

MAN...I'd go for Germany in a heartbeat. You'd never regret the time you guys could spend together in your own place...discovering new things together.

And, since you are asking for advice...

I don't regret for a minute quitting my job or career path--well--except for the times I somehow end up in Banana Republic and realize I have to quickly find my way out ;-)

Good luck. All these must be one big ball of stress.


I feel your pain, for mostly similar reasons. I was planning to blog about something similar, so reading my future blog might offer some advice, but probably nothing you haven't thought of yet.

My best advice would be not to put the cart before the horse. You guys are in Hawaii, not Honduras, and you are JUST starting your life together. Germany or Japan would be fantastic -- but so is Hawaii...and Colorado Springs! That sucks that you have to make such a major decision so early on, and that you even have to think about it while planning for such a major event as your wedding!

I can tell you the biggest factor in our decision-making: money. Down payment on a house, a car, furniture, savings for the short and medium term...we could afford to live on Nick's income, but we will be much better situated in a few years if I keep working while I can. And I will feel much less guilty spending money in the meantime!

Isn't it ironic how difficult it can be to have options, even when you're looking at a win-win...?

Shantay said...

Hey, been a little while since I posted on your blog page.

I would personally keep working as long as possible. Build that savings up with your check and try to live on just his income (while still working). If you can bank your income for the next 6 months and NOT touch it.... then I say there is no problem not finding another job once you move. I think that test of will could open up yours eyes in many ways. Heck what do you have to lose? Looks like you could gain a nice pad in the bank for traveling if you saved up 6 months of pay!!! (win-win)?

Erin said...

Wow Michelle--the decisions just never stop coming! Just when things are starting to make sense...another big decision! I don't know what to tell you except that I think all of the options are good ones and positive things would result from all of, I know it's not much help, but I think any choice is a good one in this situation. Good luck, this is hard!

Laurie said...

It sounds like my life a long, long time ago. I was born in Ft Bragg, NC when went to Stuggart through kindergarten when we moved to Colorado Springs. I can't really give my opinion on anything except 1) Colorado Springs is beautiful, but the politics are just too weird - I moved to Denver after college. Colorado is still the best place to live. and 2) I completely understand about having your own money. It's amazing how many little part-time freelance type options are out there for someone who is smart, organized, and or has some talent (thankfully I have the first 2) so don't rule out working in some capacity if you want.