Thursday, January 15, 2009

Would you date this guy?

Poor neglected blog! SORRY!!!! If anyone is still out there... I'm still here! I just haven't had much mental space for blogging mainly because I can't process all the things that are happening fast enough to write about them before more things are happening... there is just too much going on!!

On the wedding front. Stress. Trying to be super cool, but you know, it is a lot of stuff to plan. There is still so much to do even though we are doing stuff almost every day. Yesterday we booked our honeymoon!!! We are so excited, we are going on a 14 day cruise to New Zealand and Australia! We ended up finding a really good deal on the cruise and the airfare ended up being pretty cheap too.

OK! Fun question for all you ladies out there...

Pretend you are not married or in a relationship. Now say you are in a bar with your girlfriends (or a cafe or the rodeo or wherever...) and this guy comes over to start talking to you. He's interested in you and seems nice enough. Looks pretty clean - jeans and a button up shirt. But you look down and discover that he's wearing shoes held together by DUCT TAPE. Do you give him your phone number?

Ok.... now let's say that you decide you don't care about the duct taped shoes for whatever reason. Maybe you think he seems really nice. So you go out with him and he invites you inside for a drink afterwards. You discover that he uses a TV with rabbit ears. Does this, either on its own or in concert with the duct taped shoes, raise any alarms or questions in your mind? Or do you just not care?

Maybe you ask him about it and you find out he doesn't watch too much tv. He doesn't want to spend the money on cable. Or internet. Or a cell phone. He doesn't think it's worth the money to have these things.

And the boots... they're his favorite. And also? He doesn't want to spend money on new ones when these "still work"...

Do you date him?

Hope I get lots of responses!


Lindsey said...

Agghhh...I know that guy--his were duct taped flip flops. I went on a date or TWO with that guy...seriously. I was young...thought non-conformity as it seemed was kinda cool.

My experience--he turned out to be immature and strange--duct tape and all.

WAY too funny.

MAN...we aren't going to make the wedding...If we could drive, we'd be there...but funds are running low and that means airfare is out. And I just bought a Super 8 camera I was dying to try out on your guys' wedding. MAN o MAN o MAN!

Katie said...

Sounds like my polar opposite.


OK. My question is what IS "worth the money" to this guy? Is he acting on principle...or is he stingy...or does he think bunny ears, duct tape, and no technology make him "hip"? If it's based on principle, then I'd want to hear more. Thrifty is one thing, but stingy dudes and hipsters are a no-go for me.

I'd maybe give him ONE date (because everyone deserves at least once chance) and I'd observe what he orders, how does he react to what I order, does he offer to pay, and what does he tip? Also, if he's too-cool, is his hipster-self perched up high on a pedestal above me? If he's undeservedly stingy or elitist, then no second date because that stinginess or air-of-superiority is (more than likely) going to transfer over to how he treats me.

And if it's the sad case that he just doesn't have a lot of money, then come back in two years with a steady job and a paycheck and ask me again. Oooo, that's harsh!

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

As a boy I shouldn't be commenting, but as the guy who DOES actually have duct tape holding together his right Timberland boot which he has been wearing for almost 3.5 years now, lemme just throw down some type from my perspective on this and perhaps even spout some Jr. High- philosophy here and say: if you connect with someone then who cares if they have duct tape on their shoes, right? If someone buys a $200-300 pair of shoes at/by (insert brand name here) then all they are doing is paying to re-enforce and forward the very same marketing tactics which made them THINK they needed those shoes in the first place in order to date said hypothetical girl, -and what is wrong with using something until it can no longer be used? Products are built to die, but a pair of Timberlands can last you 3 years.
I know that sounds dreamy and naieve, but seriously- if you connect with someone then why not date them. And why does someone have to be a complete conformist tool to be desirable to the average American woman?
The U.S. economy is in the initial stages of collapse, and people who are now stable might not be at any given moment- (i.e. maybe the TiVo guy ends up with rabbit ears a few months/years down the line) oh- (by the way, with the digital switch you can't even use rabbit ears anymore).
Again, my point: date someone cool who you love and love being with regardless of what their shoes look like!
I know it sounds like retarded hippy anti-materialist blah-blah B.S. but really: material possessions can and will totally tie you down while pitting us against one-another, while mortgages on overpriced poor-quality property and neverending credit card payments continue to enslave us and this is what we call "life"?
P.S. yea, it is Sunday afternoon, I have some time on my hands.

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

P.P.S. what is this "dating" thing anyhow?

Laurie said...

I've dated worse - I'd give him a shot just to see. Why do you ask?