Friday, January 16, 2009

About that guy....

ok, so about this guy I was asking for opinions on...

this is a 52 year old Lt Col i work with! This is the same guy who is changing his eating habits on my advice... he was eating a candy and a mountain dew for breakfast. (how he made it to 52 and in the military no less without knowing a bit more about proper nutrition is beyond me.)

he's still single and he talks about wanting to meet a woman, and i was trying to give him some advice. i said that if a woman sees duct tape on your shoes she is going to probably draw some conclusions about you and your lifestyle and it's going to be a turn off. plus if she sees the rabbit ears and then finds out you don't have internet or a cell phone either.... most women would be running for the door. even if you're really nice! because this tells how you live your life and MOST people don't live like that!

sad to say my opinion is this guy is pretty cheap. he says he is saving up to buy a lot of land to have a horse ranch when he retires... and have retarded kids come over to ride them......... but honestly, getting some nice shoes would only put a tiny dent in that!!! plus, i've seen him eat moldy bagels because he didn't want them to go to waste. it's not like this guy doesn't have money!!! he probably has piles of it scrooged away, at 52 and a Lt Col in the Army you are well compensated and he has no one else to spend it on.

i know there are some out there who would not care about any of this, but they are few and it's limiting his dating pool. he's too set in his ways to change, i think... he absolutely would NOT believe me about the shoes. he thinks that god is going to send him the woman who will love the fact that he has duct tape on his shoes because "that's so him"... even after several women came into the office and were "informally polled" LOL about their opinion, he still didn't believe that women would judge him on the basis of his shoes!!! this turned into a long conversation with me arguing that people make judgments about each other on the basis of appearance. it may not always be RIGHT, but it's what people DO, it's partly how we make sense of the world around us so we know how to behave and interact with each other. he just vehemently opposed this idea, refusing to believe that people do or should judge each other based on appearance. anyway, he told me to ask the internets, so that's why i posted it!!!

thanks for your responses!!

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Spandex King said...

You can buy a new pair of shoes anywhere. It's what's inside the shoes that should count. He sounds like a guy that women are looking for but not willing to look past the shoes. I have a friend just like him. He's a little rough around the edges but if a girl took a chance on him she would be his queen.