Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, monday

Ahhh, Monday almost done! I can't believe how fast the weekends go. They are even faster now since Adam and I started cohabitating and are around each other all the time. I guess the time go faster when you have company. We are finally getting over our jet lag - it seemed to take a long time - and spent most of the weekend relaxing. Yesterday we went to Ala Moana beach park and laid in the sun all afternoon. I'm getting pretty tanned after our cruise when we had a few really sunny days and then yesterday. I always wear my SPF too and I have to yell at Adam when he digs around in the cabinets and somehow produces the oldest, most decaying bottle of sunscreen we have and uses that. That stuff expires! I'm going to have to throw some of those away or he will keep using them. Just like I am going to start throwing away his military-brown undershirts that have perma-stink. He protests vehemently, but I was forced to disappear one particularly offensive one on Saturday when I pulled it out of the drier and the b.o. smell almost knocked me over. There are many funny things about being married. For instance, I still have to laugh about the toilet paper comment when we first moved in together... we were at the commissary getting groceries and house things when I first got to Hawaii and we went down the toilet paper aisle and I said, oh we need to get some toilet paper, and Adam said, why? we already have a roll. HahahaHA! A roll. I'm chuckling now just thinking about it! It was precious, having to explain to him the special needs of women in the powder room. My dad pulled that trick on us when we were little too, and evidently two little girls were using way too much toilet paper because I remember him trying to ration it out and tell us we only needed three squares to wipe with. Hehehehehe. Our sweet men.

Anyway, I think I broke my toe over the weekend. I slammed it into my big wooden trunk and now it's all swollen and bruised and looks like a purple grape. And it hurts! I've been wearing my flip flops at work all day because they are the only shoes that don't hurt my toe! No one has seemed to notice, which just goes to show you - I probably COULD wear my pj's to work and no one would even care. I was worried about trying to get my gym shoes on, but I managed... they were a little more uncomfortable but I was determined to get my workout done. I just had some kettlebell and bodyweight work today so no running or aggressive jumping. One of the really great things about living in Hawaii and working at a military command is that there is a fully-equiped (albeit small) fitness facility right on site. And we're encouraged to use it during business hours! The weather was awesome today so I dragged my kettlebells outside and did my workout in the lawn under a shade tree.

And it's 4:59... just about that time. Finally! All day I've been wishing I could just go home and read my book... I'm reading Twilight. What??? - I know, I know, a book about teenage vampires/seriously/??/etc, but I kept hearing about how good it was and Costco had it for $7 and now that I started it I can't put it down! I read nearly 100 pages yesterday on the beach!

I promise I have honeymoon pics, soon... just as soon as I get them off my camera, which honestly may not be until I finish Twilight and we burn through the remaining 500 Sopranos episodes clogging up our DVR... oh, and finish our wedding thank you's! Eh, I'm going to take my purple toe home now and prop it up on the coffee table.


Katie said...

AHHHH...i saw Twilight this weekend and actually loved the movie- I was really skeptical about it, but there was nothing else at Blockbuster. i LOVE love stories! Edward and Bella...that's how i feel about kelly...sigh. I am going to get the books today! haha...that 17 year old girl in us just never goes away! ;)

Katie said...

p.s. sorry about your toe!

THE WRITER said...

Hey where are you missy?? What, you have a life all of a sudden now that you're married?? :-) Hey, I keep meaning to ask you -- can you send me your address one of these days? Thanks!

Your Blog said...

Michelle... I am your blog... I am so lonely; you haven't posted on me in over a month... Your friends want to know what you're up to.