Sunday, June 14, 2009

What the world eats

I've posted this before, but Mark's Daily Apple reminded me of it again. These pictures from Time magazine show what people around the world eat in a week. Fascinating!


THE WRITER said...

I loved that story. Although, now I feel guilty that I hemorrhage so much money on food while others have almost nada. We're very lucky. Anyway, off to buy filet mignos for dinner --nick

Chris & Paul said...

Michelle, this is Chris & Paul. You need to blog more, you haven't blogged since June 14th!

Hope you are well, and we've been talking about you!

THE WRITER said...

Hey where'd you go?? Everything alright in your world?? Nick told me, "The next time you talk to Michelle, tell her to update her blog!" You're putting us junkies through withdrawal. :-) Hope everything is well.