Saturday, February 05, 2011


Adam was on a work trip last week to Indonesia so Mom and a friend came out to stay with me for the week and do girl stuff.  We went out to lunch at the local microbrewery, Kona Brewing Co.  Afterwards, Avery fell asleep on me in the parking lot.  Darn!  We were stuck, but we wanted to go to Costco, so Mom and I walked to it a mile down the road.  I didn't have my sun umbrella, but I did have a baby pool floater that had a sunshade with it, so I held that over my head as we walked down the busy road to block some of the intense sunshine. 

[Sorry if you're covered in snow and freezing your tushie off where you are!] 

I have a picture of myself looking silly with the sunshade and the sleeping baby-in-backpack.  I also have some adorable pictures of Avery sitting in the shopping cart like such a big girl at Costco.  She was so funny; she was smiling at everyone who walked by.  One lady said, oh you're so happy!  That's our girl.  Anyway, I can't post the pics because blogger is telling me I am out of storage for photos on my blog!  WTF blogger?  I had no idea there was a storage limit but apparently there is and I'm at it already and it costs $5 to get more storage.  PER YEAR.  That's not a lot, I know, but ... I don't know... I mean, wtf.  I don't want to have to pay to post pics on the internet.  So, I'm thinking about what I'm going to do.  I will probably break down and pay the five bucks, since I've already got so much time on this blog and I don't really want to start something new.  Stay tuned.

Poor Adam was traveling from 11 pm (Hawaii time) on Wednesday night until 9 am (Hawaii time) on Friday morning.  Eek!  Poor guy.  He was stuck in Korea for 13 hours.  There's just no easy way to get to Indonesia apparently.  We are headed up to Turtle Bay, where our wedding reception was, to spend the night tonight and celebrate our upcoming anniversary.  Almost two years we've been married!

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