Friday, September 16, 2011


Friends, we have been busy.  As the state of neglect on this blog attests!  I had to hack my way through ankle-high weeds to get in here.  We have been on the road for the past three weeks - two days in Las Vegas, then five days in Dallas, two days back in Vegas, then four days in Colorado Springs and now back in Vegas.  We head home to Hawaii next week.  Phew.  We went to Dallas to celebrate my grandmother's 75th birthday and my dad's whole side of the family (minus a few) were there.  Avery got to meet her two second-cousins who are about her age.  We then tagged along with my folks to Colorado where they were attending Dad's Air Force Academy reunion, and we were visiting my aunt and cousins and scoping the area out.  We are hoping (wishing, dreaming, planning) to move there after our tour in Hawaii is over in a year and a half.

I feel like I've been gone so long I don't know where to start, so I think I'll just throw some random stuff out there and you can consider yourselves updated!  Though I can't promise things will pick up on the regular again here, since Avery is down to one nap now and thus I get a mere one hour break from her in each 24 these days.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I know it's just me and Mom reading.  I make myself keep writing here so I will remember this in 30 years when Avery has her babies and says to me, "What was it like with ME, mom??" and I don't have to give her the response I keep getting from my own mother: "Oh, sweetie, I don't remember; that was THIRTY years ago!!!"

**I guess I will start with sleep since it's been the major theme on this blog these last 16 months.  Avery is now down to one nap and I patently refuse to walk her to sleep any more (barring extreme circumstances).  It's bittersweet.  Sweet because she goes to sleep more readily now, while nursing, and I am no longer spending several HOURS a day walking her down (oh the frustraaaation).  Bitter because I now get only an hour break from her during the day.  Yes, you read that right: she is only napping for one hour a day (sometimes less).  The nights are about the same, still sleeping with me, still nursing every couple-few hours, though thankfully with fewer hours-long wakeful periods in the night.  Sadly, I was just yesterday reminded of the dreaded 18 month sleep regression (YE GODS have we not suffered enough), so that is on our horizon now that the elf is nearly 17 months old.

**Avery is right on the verge of the "language explosion".  The past few weeks, she has begun "saying" lots of words, and by saying I mean she tries to copy the sounds she hears.  She still doesn't actually SAY any words except for hi, mama, dada and yaya clearly.  The words she knows and has a sound for that more or less approximates the actual word are (I'm sure I'm forgetting a few):

poppy (pah)
alright (yah-eiah)
yes (yeh)
no (nah)
no, no, no, no! (nah nah nah nah nah!)
bubbles (buh- boh)
banana (buh or sometimes nah)
woof (uh!)
meow (myum)
moo (baah (?) )
chicken (bok-bok)
owl (ooh, ooh)
up up (buh-buh-buh)
down (daow)
water (wa-wa)
night night (ni-ni)
moon (mooh)

Plus, she will imitate any sounds she hears.  Like the other day she was just whining and whining and I finally said, "AVERY!  Oh my GOSH!" (in exasperation) and she immediately started going, "GOH! GOH!"  over and over.  I've been really working on not letting any shits or damns slip out.

** I have lots of ideas for things I want to write posts about!  In addition to co-sleeping and vaccinations, I also want to tell you why I stopped using antiperspirant and toothpaste.  Look at me!  I'm turning into a regular old hippie over here.  The 2001 me probably would have scoffed and rolled her eyes at the 2011 me.  I don't do any hippie things because of a moral imperative.  I do them because they make sense.  For me.  You can do whatever you want, if it makes sense to you.  I'm not on a crusade, internet, I'm just telling you where I'm coming from.

** Avery is currently 16 months GOING ON SIXTEEN.  For pete's sake, this child has a mind of her own and she will HAVE IT KNOWN.  I suppose this is totally normal, age-related behavior.  And it probably only gets worse (if you have older children and you are cackling with schadenfreude glee as you read this, for the love of god, don't run to the comments and tell me how much worse it gets!).  Avery is throwing temper tantrums in earnest now, and I find myself torn between not wanting to pick fights with her when I want to leave Macy's and she doesn't, and not wanting to be ruled by a BABY.  And that stuff about distraction?  Ha!  Haaaaaaa!  You obviously haven't met my child, Avery One-Track-Mind.  If you try to deter her from her mission, she... well, she simply will not be deterred.  She WILL find a way to toddle back into the bathroom and climb up on the counter to get to the small, breakable objects, the second you are not looking!

** But, holy cow, she also does the CUUUUTEST things these days.  For example, my mom has this statue of Buddha in her room with some pretty stones in its hands that Avery loves.  The other day we were sitting outside and she got a rock from the yard and toddled back into the house with it.  When we went to see where she went, she had gone to Mom's room to give the rock to the Buddha!  Yesterday she was sitting next to Buddha giving him kisses.  She plays games like hide and seek.  She points things out.  She winks!  She constantly amazes me with how much she "gets" and how much she is learning every day.  She's becoming a real PERSON and it's blowing my mind.

Well, she's up from her nap now, so I guess I'll hit the publish button.  I think I pretty much covered the highlights.  Hope all of you are happy and well!


Victoria said...

I'm still reading and most definitely taking notes as I'll be 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow. :)

I love all your progress reports on how Avery is learning and growing. It's certainly going to be fascinating watching Ethan (yup, we are having a boy) do the same thing.

Michelle said...

Victoria, congratulations! Cute name too :)

Michelle said...

Wait... Morkai??? Is that you?? Holy cow, congrats on your pregnancy! You haven't updated your blog in a while. Hopefully you will write once Ethan is born, I would love to follow his adventures!

Victoria said...

ROFL, aye it's me. Yeah, I think my weeds are taller than yours *grin*

I do have some neat ultrasound video and stuff to post so I'll probably get around to that soon. We are moving back to England in November and my co-workers will probably hunt me down if I don't post regular updates for them so it'll definitely get better after that :)

Nick and Megan said...

Michelle I'm still reading! So is Nick! He's always asking me "anything new on Michelle's blog these days?" So keep it up for our sakes too. :-)