Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Avery and Santa

We took Avery to visit Santa Claus on Monday!  We went to the same Santa in Town Square (Las Vegas) where we got such a great picture last year.  This year's was pretty cute too. 

Avery is excited about Santa... we point him out in her books and at the store when we are out.  She knows who he is, (Dan-dah!) and that he's exciting, though she's not quite clear on the finer details.  But in person, she wasn't sure she wanted anything to do with him.  Can we blame her?  To her he's just a fat, scary stranger!  Why would she want to go sit on his lap?!

When we first walked in, we asked her if she wanted to go sit with him and she said, "No!"  So we hung back and watched the next family come in and get their pictures taken.  After that she allowed us to sit her on a rocking horse in front of Santa, but the whole experience was just too overwhelming for her and she wouldn't smile.  After only a few minutes, she looked around at all the strangers in the room, bewildered by the giant flash of the camera, and started crying.  The end!  (Of course, we whisked her up right away and once she was in my arms she was ok again, and said "bai-baiieee!" to Santa on the way out the door.)  Overall a success.

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