Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Perfect Sunday

We did not end up hiking Sugarloaf on Sunday since it snowed Saturday night in MD and we didn't want to risk bad conditions on the trails. Instead we went for a stroll along the Potomac River. It was still a little too cold to be really nice (for me at least), but it was good to get some fresh air. It was my rest day and I had to force myself to not work out. I needed the day off, but it's so routine for me to exercise that I feel weird when I don't do something!

Then I went home and ended up taking a big nap! My sister gave me these hand treatment mittens for my birthday. They have inserts that you warm up in the microwave, and you put this cream all over your hands, then put your hands in plastic bags, then in the warm gloves, and you just relax! It's quite brilliant, really, because (as I realized once I got them on) with the mittens on your hands, you literally can't do ANYTHING! I sat down and I was like, I can't even turn on the tv!! I can't make a phone call or read a book, I have to just sit here??? I almost took the mittens off, but then I decided, you know, that's the point. Just SIT here for 5 minutes. Of course, I promptly fell asleep! zzzzzzz Nothing like a nap on Sunday afternoon.

I woke up in time to go see 300, as we had planned. I thought the movie was great. I have to reiterate what everyone all over the internet has said a thousand times already - those guys were ripped! It was like the quads and abs show, since they didn't wear any real clothes the whole movie. Basically you get two hours of watching 300 of the buffest men on the planet alternately kicking ass and standing around in the equivalent of underwear. What plot?? Haha!

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TAR ART RAT said...

very curious about 300, every day on my break I walk by a huge billboard for it- and yea, that is what I noticed, (besides the creepy metal goulie masks) the guy's crazy chest- hmmm... hmm.