Friday, June 24, 2011

Fourteen months of Avery

Today is Avery's fourteen month birthday, and it also happens to be Adam's birthday!  Happy birthday honey! 

Avery at fourteen months is my exuberant little cherub.  She is developing quite an attitude lately!  The terrible.... ones?  It must be frustrating to be only fourteen months and be thwarted from doing what you want at nearly every turn and not be able to even complain about it with words.  The other day she threw an absolute FIT in the middle of Costco.  I put a container of dates (one of her favorite things) in the cart and she decided she wanted one RIGHT.  NOW.  So after trying to futilely distract her while enduring withering looks from other shoppers passing by the scene, I finally cracked open the container and gave her one.  Good grief!  I can't wait till she turns two.  Or twelve!  Haaaaaa.

She's making more attempts at saying words here and there.  If you ask her what a cow says, she goes, "Buahh" (moo, duh).  Kitty says "myuhm", doggy says "uhn! uhn!", milk is "mahm", and she even said bah-bah (bye bye) yesterday.

She's such a love.  She loves giving kisses and hugs, and getting them is the best thing EVER.  No, seriously, ever ever.  Just look how cute:

Untitled from Michelle Seiler on Vimeo.

This is such a fun age!  The best age so far.

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