Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just when I was all set to give her to the gypsies

Ahhhhh this child.  Yesterday she only took one nap, so I knew it would mean an early bedtime.  Last night went like this:

7:00 - lights out, nurse to sleep

7:30 - in bed!  Yay, that was quick, now I can go downstairs and make my tea and talk to Adam.

7:50 - awake.  Dammit, that was only twenty minutes.  Haven't finished my tea.  She's going back in her crib for a while longer.

8:40 - finally asleep and in bed again after nearly an hour of nursing and walking.  At least I can go back downstairs and finish my tea.

8:50 - awake.  Again.  AHHHHH.  To hell with it, I'll just get in bed with her.

9:30 - finally.  Asleep.  Aaaaannnnd here comes Adam making enough noise to wake her up.

11:45 - yes, ELEVEN FORTY FIVE.  She finally went to sleep again after hours of walking, nursing and frustration.

6:45 - awake for the day!

And of course she was fussy and grumpy all morning.  I was seriously about ready to give her to the next gypsy I saw.  We had breakfast... well, actually, I had breakfast and she ate a few bites and kept signing "more" but then wouldn't eat anything I offered her more of.  And after breakfast I carted her upstairs to take a nap.

Nursing a toddler is like trying to nurse an octopus.  There are legs and arms flailing everywhere.  Well, I was already feeling a bit put upon by the previous 14 hours' ordeal, so nursing an octopus was kind of like the icing on the cake.

Then all of a sudden, Avery stopped nursing, pulled my face down and went "mmmmm-mmah!" (her kisses) and started giving me kisses over and over and laughing.  Oh my god, she can melt my heart.  I decided I would keep her after all.

I'm pretty sure she is popping another tooth out.  Two and a half down, twenty five to go.  Hold me.  Or better yet, send cookies! (For me, not the baby.  For the baby, perhaps you have some kind of heavy duty tranquilizer??)

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Lindsey Broere said...

What.a.night! Those are so hard.

Teething! Words cannot express how much I have hated teething with BOTH girls. I heard some mothers say they can't even tell when their babies cut teeth. I call shenanigans on that!