Sunday, September 17, 2006

Letting Go

Yet another chill and solitary (sort of) weekend.

Yesterday was an 8 mile run. I felt pretty good despite having run 7 miles on Friday. This week I will be scheduling my workouts AROUND my long run instead of cramming them in where they seem to fit. I am stubborn and refuse not to train legs in the gym and therefore I must suffer the verge of overtraining. Race is in 3 weeks. I know I am ready to run it now, but I want to feel good on race day and have fun and not worry I will be struggling to finish it. I haven't figured out yet how to post video on the blog here, but check out Julie Moss Competing in the 1982 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon - sheesh. Anyway, today will be a rest day, but I think I will go in to the gym and do some ab work just to get the blood flowing.

Adam and I watched his brother play in K-State football yesterday afternoon... well, I napped on the couch and read Shape magazine (which annoys me to no end because of its fluffy training tips for women). Then we went to see Little Miss Sunshine. It was cute and funny but I can't say fantastic. He is sad. What do I do?

right now I'm trying to focus on being the best, most interesting person I can be and living a full life right now. I can't change the past and I can't affect others' behavior. I can only do ill or well for myself. I am trying for well.

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