Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Keep On Keepin' On

I know the five of you who care have been sitting at your computers all day, clicking the refresh button, waiting to find out whether I've collapsed in a hypo-induced stupor yet. Fear not! I am well. I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, although it probably won't be sudden - I will just gradually feel more and more like a dishrag as time goes on. :)

I even went out and bought a vacuum since mine's on the blink. It is tempting to use the excuse that I'm just to hypo to do any housework though! :) So I opened up the box this morning thinking I was going to run it real quick before I headed to the gym. Ha. On top there was a little baggie of screws and a card that said, "Let us help you assemble your vacuum cleaner!" with a phone number. A more clever person might have seen these clues as ominous foreshadowing and closed it up right then and there. Not I!! Can't be too hard...!

I pulled it out of the box and it looked nothing like a vacuum. It looked like a disassembled rubics cube. It looked like this:

Where's the vacuum part, you might ask. Can I just say to all the people in China who work at appliance packing plants: Just how do you get stuff in the boxes like that?! Honestly. Upon seeing what lay between me and clean floors, I wanted to say hell with this and return it for one that comes already resembling a vacuum for the most part, but I didn't think I'd be able to get it all back in the box. I actually had to read the instructions to assemble the thing (course that could be blamed on the brain fog...). It took 20 minutes to put it together!!

Speaking of the brain fog, it is alarmingly difficult to concentrate. And it gives me a headache. My energy levels are even lower than they were before, but I just keep on keepin' on... it's better to try to stay active, I think. It sucks because it's not like I'm just worn out and I'm going to wake up feeling better tomorrow. I will probably feel worse tomorrow! Let's not speak of it... I lifted shoulders and abs this morning, plus 20 minutes of cardio. That didn't feel too bad. I also did some work with the foam roller and lots of stretching. For some reason my hamstrings are wound up so tight they feel like they are going to snap!

I spent the afternoon walking around the Fair Oaks mall. Being in there made me feel really dazed & confused - there's just sooo much stimulation! Egads. I bought a new pair of Asics running shoes since I suspect my tendinitis problem is due to the heel box on my Nike's being too big. I love new work out gear!!

Back to work tomorrow... we'll see how that goes! Metro is going to be an absolute nightmare.


Savy said...

It sounds like maybe yoga would be a better option while this is going on. It'll help with the overstimulation, brainfog, and not tire you out too much. It'll also help you retain musclemass in the meantime. You could look at it as a yoga-holiday and a "flexibility improvement" challenge!

truthfully, regardless of where you are at, people should take a break from the gym and focus on flexibility training anyway. So maybe this is your opportunity?

(Your vaccuum scares me.)

maxie's pad said...

The picture of your vacuum gave me anxiety, but the picture of your new sneakers calmed me back down. They're beautiful ! I'm a yoga girl when my physical limitations prevent more strenuous exercises. Yoga is particularly good for helping to balance my brain as well, when for one reason or another, my mind has touble focusing. You go girl ! You're doing great !