Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scan Day

Well, I have made it to scan day and hopefully the final hours of being off my thyroid meds!! Wheee! Everything's on track to go get my scan and hear the good news! The last few days have been rough. The fog has gotten worse, as has the fatigue. My spirits are still up though - I haven't succumbed to depression or couch surfing as my primary activity - and it's still not as bad as I was imagining before I had to go through it, but it definitely sucks.

Yesterday Adam drove me to the hospital to get my tracer dose of radioactive iodine. The nurse brought it out in a lead pill container and handed me a little vial with a gunmetal colored pill in it. You can't handle it or your hand will be "hot"!! I swallowed it down and we left. There's no danger to others with that small amount, it's just enough to light up things on the scan.

We go back today at 10:15 to start the scan, which takes several hours. They do a whole body image and several images of my neck and chest. Then they will read the results with us and decide how much RAI to give me. I'm really hoping I don't have to be admitted to the hospital for a big dose!!

Hopefully I will get the outpatient dose this afternoon and Adam will drive me home! I'll sit in the backseat on the opposite side and try to contain myself. Hehe. :)

I did go in to work on Monday and I'm glad I did cause they needed me, but I only stayed for a few hours and didn't come back yesterday. I'm just not mentally there enough to be useful!! On the fitness front, I've aimed for 30 minutes of "activity" daily at the gym - light weight lifting, easy cardio, stretching. I wish I'd planned better for the yoga, it would have been a good thing to add to the days, but it just didn't happen.

I'm so glad this day is here!

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maxie's pad said...

You go girl !! Attitude is everything ! And you've got a great attitude. Will stay tuned and sending you love.
fellow radio sister,
maxie pad (kids call me Radio Mo)