Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dear Anonymous

Not to sound rude, but who are you??? I've been wondering for two days now! It would be cute and fun if you left some clue to your identity and I could be like, oh, that's so-and-so! But I've already asked the three people who actually know me who read here and all of them assured me they would never sign off with a slightly creepy "someone who has known you for a long time..." --- sooooo... who are you?! (You have to admit it is kinda creepy.) Send me an email.

Also, I must complain that I bundled up and went over to the gym this morning, feeling super-proud of myself for braving the very light dusting of snow we got, and it was CLOSED. Could Gold's BE any more USELESS?? For real, upstate New York got 2.5 feet, and they are out shoveling, etc. and DC gets 1 freakin' inch and suddenly all the schools are closed and everyone drives like a maniac and the GYM IS CLOSED. Grumble.

And while I'm grumbling, ever have one of those days where NONE of your clothes feel right? And you hate ALL of your closet and want to throw everything right in the trash can? Except for those fuzzy warm pants that are three sizes too big that you wear to sleep in... and your running shoes. But everything else is awful and makes you feel like a blimp or a pubescent nerd on the first day of 9th grade and it's not just that you have pimples -- you suspect that you ARE a pimple, at least you feel like one, and you wish that everyone would not look because they are certain to see that you're faking. That was yesterday. Today I just feel like a blimp... I haven't gone into the closet yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, it seems to me "someone who has known you for a long time" IS a clue (albeit a slightly creepy one) to my identity...

That said, I think the point of my post was to emphasize lots of people care about you, even those of us who are still having a hard time dealing with what you're going through, maybe because we've known you when you were in Texas, or when you were in Phoenix, or when you were in Turkey, or maybe even Alabama or the University of Maryland that's nowhere near Maryland (kind of like U of Miami in Ohio, explain that one to me???)...

I digress. The point is it's not fair what you're going through, and it's not fair that while so many other 26 year-olds' main concern is finding the best place to score pot or avoiding a DUI after a night at the bars, you have to worry about REAL things...

When I first read about your diagnosis, I did a bunch of research, and asked some MD friends about your type of cancer. That made me feel much better, and your blog has been cathartic for a couple of months now. Plus, it's fun to read about how you're doing, feeling, or your interest in fitness (been there, done that).

So how am I doing now on the creepy scale? Did my creepy factor go up or down with my latest post? Can I drive it up again if I sign it like this:

-Someone who had known you for a very long time... (ominous music plays in the background)