Thursday, February 08, 2007

Riddle me this

Allright, Anonymous, I'll play. Even though it's quite possible that you are some creepy weirdo who is stalking me... I'll buy that you know all those disparate details about my life because you actually KNOW me, not because you are Pervy McPerv. I have to admit that I really thought you were John Eric too, since he's the only one of a tiny handful of people who know both Jennifer and Cara, and would use the words "wonderous" and "vex." But I suspect that you don't actually know Jennifer, even though you implied that you do. Perhaps you just know of her. I do like a good intrigue, especially if it keeps my mind off the fact that I feel like I swallowed both an innertube AND a beach ball... two beach balls.

Which, by the way, is really starting to worry me. The weight gain so far has been minimal - a few pounds - nothing that's had me too concerned. But this is my first week off the cytomel, which was probably keeping me going a bit better than the T4 alone. So is this the part where I balloon up 20 lbs like some of the people I read about??? Coincidentally, my scale has chosen this as the time to malfunction, and only stares blankly at me or says LO (which makes me think MOO - cause don't cows "lo" or something like that? I think I remember that from the Bible or somewhere).

I did run this morning, which I considered a major accomplishment, especially considering that I was held captive on the Dread' to the most irritating gaggle of females IN THE WORLD (possibly that is true). The two on my left were squealing and chattering nonstop, and repeatedly (ab)used the words "like" and "seriously." The woman to my right I suspect was responsible for the truly heinous egg-beaters farts that left me gasping for oxygen several times. And one of the two girls on the machines in front of me finished her workout and proceeded to STRETCH ON THE MACHINE while chatting to her friend for a full 13 minutes. Despite the fact that the next two treadmills were broken and there was a steady stream of people who would get on, poke at them for a few minutes and resign themselves dejectedly to the stationary bikes. GAH! The running itself was not too bad. I only wanted to collapse a couple of times (see above about the farting).

Anyway, back to Anonymous. I'm pretty sure I know who you are. At least I think I do (although I was wrong before twice already, but now I think I know). I have it narrowed down to three people, but you seem the most likely candidate. Instead of guessing outright and risking being wrong (again), I'll let the game go on if you'll answer three questions. They are all yes/no questions, and I think I will be able to guess your identity by your answers.

1. Are you married?
2. Have we kissed?
3. Have we seen eachother in the last two years?

Back to you then.


Anonymous said...


2-You were wearing vanilla perfume.

3-We have a way of bumping into each other.

maxie's pad said...

Okay Anonymous. I was trying to protect Michelle when she said this was "Creepy". But now I can see your good nature and feel free to carry on. Maybe I was projecting what would me my own feelings, since I am not as courageous as Michelle. I have a blog and have only allowed one friend to read it. And she lives in another country..... Michelle, re: weight gain. I don't think you will have problems with that, even after stopping the cytomel. Your thyroid hormone is building up daily. And you exercise and eat healthy. I love vanilla perfume. and I hate egg beater farts.
maxine in miami (40 yr. thyca survivor and going strong !)