Saturday, March 17, 2007


That blue and gold medallion there is where our hotel was. And the American Embassy is on the corner of the Place de la Concorde. Gorgeous city! Sigh.

The French still allow smoking INSIDE government buildings. There are ashtrays everywhere. Including in meetings/conference rooms. Everyone. Smokes. That, my friends, is the secret of "Why French women don't get fat" not because they somehow enjoy their food/wine/baguettes/brioches more than we do. They just smoke like chimneys. The deadliest appetite suppressant there is.

It's both really disgusting and really made me want to smoke again!! Something about being in Europe, sitting in a little cafe, drinking wine, discussing something lofty and looking chic with a cigarette perched between your fingers, punctuating deep remarks with a pensive puff ..... Don't get me wrong, I would never ever light up again and I think smoking is the FOULEST. I'm just sayin'.......

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