Thursday, August 27, 2009

I hope I was channeling Marilyn Monroe... or possibly that I became her for 3 seconds.

Dudes. The most embarassing thing just happened to me!!! Oh my lord, I can't even think about it. So the air conditioner at the gym where I work is broken or something and it's really hot in there. They have one of those industrial fan-blower thingies in there to cool things off. You know, one of the ones that sits on the ground and looks like a giant whistle?

Anyway, today it was pointed at the cardio equipment. It doesn't help things much, but I guess it's better than nothing. Well I finished my thing, rinsed off in the shower and put on my work clothes - a t-shirt and a poofy, gauzy skirt from Banana Republic. Well. With nary a thought in my head I proceeded to waltz right in between the cardio machines and ... THE FAN!

You may have guessed what happens next. Now before I continue I want you to look at that picture of the fan again. Notice the special way it blows air in an upward fashion, with incredible force, I might add.

I can only say I was regretting my choice of thong underwear this morning. Lordy be! Talk about a wardrobe malfunction. What did I do, you ask? I made a split-second desperate attempt to contain my skirt around my bum where it belongs instead of swirling up around my waist like a pile of autumn leaves in a gale. And yet, I somehow had the good sense to just keep walking, acting like nothing happened. Nothing to see here! Those two guys on the bikes had a GOOD day today. The worst (or best?) part about it was that I passed my boss not two seconds later on his way to get on the elliptical machine. Thank GOD, Jeebus, Oprah and Martha he was not already on there when I paraded by. Now THAT would have made things awkward.


Black Daffodil Films said... o man--I bet your face was 50 shades of red! They should know better than using those kinds of fans, right :-)


hahaha! that is hilarious! i love it.