Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm a maniac!

Adam got up super early to go to the airport for a work trip to Las Vegas for the week. I slept in and then after breakfast got down to my task for the weekend: cleaning. Now, I'm a pretty tidy person. I like to do a little bit all the time and kind of keep the mess and dirt at a constant low level. I can't stand it when things pile up and then suddenly you are so overwhelmed you don't know where to start and you end up wallowing in your pajamas for a week eating cookies out of the box and lamenting the state of your life.... ahem. Maybe that's just me. Not surprisingly, in Hawaii things get dirty quickly and my normal routine of swiping and sorting here and there doesn't really do as good a job at keeping the mess below my radar. I've been mostly ignoring it since about April when I started noticing the dirt more. Of course, I still did the vacuuming and laundry and kept the kitchen/bathrooms clean. Just not gleaming and sparkly like I like things. With Adam being gone this weekend, I decided it was the perfect time to really get down and scrub.

I'm pleased to say my kitchen is SPOTLESS! Yes, I realize it will last all of about five minutes before the dust and dead bugs and sand start collecting again. For now it is clean. And by that, I mean I took everything out of the pantry and cleaned the corners in the back of the floor and vanquished a colony of ants, and reorganized everything. I opened all of the cabinets and confronted whatever was stashed inside them. I threw away about 3 bags of stuff that was old or I know we will never use, including a bunch of mismatched tupperware. I hate it when I put something in a container and then I can't find a lid for it! I pulled everything out of the fridge and scrubbed it down on the inside and threw away anything questionable. Same with the freezer. I scrubbed all the counters, then I swept and mopped the floor. All clean!

I also went out in the courtyard and swept up the whole place and watered all our pathetic plants and scrubbed off our outdoor table and chairs. Next I dusted the dining room and the living room and pulled a bunch of old books we never look at anymore off the shelves for goodwill.

I still need to dust the guest room and vacuum the downstairs and then the downstairs will be done. I'll finish it this evening before I sit down on the couch for the night. I think I will save the upstairs for tomorrow... there is not too much to be done up here. Except for the office. It's sort of our magnet for whatever crap we don't know what to do with. And we still haven't hung any of our pictures in there. I think that project will wait for Adam to come home. So mainly upstairs it is just my bathroom and our bedroom. A cleans his own bathroom... well, he will when he gets home even though he doesn't know it yet.

Ahhhh! I love it when home is clean and tidy! Makes me feel like my life is functioning properly haha.

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Erin said...

Good for you! I wish I could get our place under control :) Thanks for the inspiration!