Wednesday, December 23, 2009

21 weeks!

We went to our second ultrasound appointment yesterday! I was so excited to see the little Elf Princess again! My mom was able to come with us too! She is getting big! (The baby, not my mom). The tech said she weighs about 12 oz - or 3 sticks of butter! Haha, that is how much butter we put in the cookies we made on Monday!


We got to see her suck on her fingers - it was really cute. Everything looked good and normal still. She is still measuring small, though. Last time she was about 6 days behind and this time she was about 10 days behind. Which - broken record - THEY HAVE MY DUE DATE WRONG!!! I am even more convinced now that I ovulated on about day 24 of my cycle instead of day 17 like I originally thought. And they calculated my due date based on a day 14 ovulation. So all that means is I'm probably only 20 weeks instead of 21, and that the baby is NOT measuring small, she's measuring just perfectly normal. I'll post some new ultrasound pics as soon as Adam gets them scanned!

That is ALL BABY. It has nothing to do with those cookies. Shut up.

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Lindsey Broere said...

Hahaha...darn those Christmas mom and I feel into the same temptation after making batches and batches of Christmas cookies. Thank God for a breast feeding baby :-)

And ya know..up until a week before my delivery, I kept having ultrasounds because Adalei was measuring small--some of us just have smaller than average babies or different ovulation schedules--you'd think the docs would know that all pregnant women are NOT the same. Oh well!