Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well... not really. I mean, it's 80 degrees outside and the sun is shining. And I'm wearing a t-shirt and flip flops. Meh. It looks Christmasy INSIDE now! We put up our tree!

We dragged out all the Christmas boxes and assembled the awesome fake tree we acquired last year in a Black Friday deal for only $100. Pre-lit!

I unwrapped all the ornaments while Adam hung them on the tree. We don't have a ton of ornaments... just the ones my mom bought and saved for me while I was growing up. It's enough for now!

Mom and Dad will be here in just a couple weeks for the holidays!

Meanwhile we are getting ready to go to Korea tomorrow. Ugh! Packing. I hate packing. And laundry. It's especially rotten when I have to pack up a bunch of sweaters that don't particularly fit me. Bah.

It's because of this. 18 weeks! Um, or 17 possibly (probably). Either way it barely fits in my sweaters! I took this on Monday... it's almost time to take the next picture.


Anonymous said...
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Nina said...

Come on Michelle, don't you want to be an affluent person? Don't you hate it when weird people try and use your blog as a marketing tool? I had somebody try to sell shoes on mine. Oh well...