Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just gotta sit up!

*YAWN*  :)

Avery is such a curious baby.  Now that she has figured out that sitting up is a "Thing" and that you can see all around really good when you do it, she wants to be sitting upright ALL. THE. TIME. !!!  She loves to pull herself up when you hold her hands and help her.  Sooo... I went and got her a Bumbo chair to help her sit.  She loves it.  I wasn't going to get this thing, but she wants to sit up so badly and she can't quite do it on her own yet! 
She has changed so much in the last couple weeks and she is getting really good at head and neck control.  She also is smiling all the time.  Just give her a reason to smile and she breaks out in these huge grins.  It's really the cutest when she tucks her chin down and smiles... this picture doesn't do the cuteness justice!



Lindsey Broere said...

Those smiles are the BEST...

I was always really selfish with Adalei's morning smiles (still am, I suppose)...told Neil I was going to go and harvest the smiles that I worked so hard for all night--singing and nursing and wiping her bottom :-)

I swear she gets more precious every post! Is that possible?

Shantay said...

OMG she is adorable!!! Love the pictures of Avery and the updates!!!


I keep studying her face, trying to figure out who she looks like. At first I thought definitely Adam, then I thought you, then I went back to Adam. I just can't tell! Either way, she sure is a sweetheart.