Saturday, July 24, 2010

Practicing her range of emotion

Yesterday Adam was holding the Little before he went to work and I have no idea why, but she would smile at him and then stick her bottom lip out in a huge pout, and then a second later smile again! It was so funny, we were cracking up. She must be practicing her dramatization of emotions.

She has that pouty lip DOWN, doesn't she?  She has learned it gets a big reaction when she does it!

Practicing that sitting up Thing!

She has found her fingers, and they are mmm mmm good!
Avery in her "fluff" (cloth dipe)... she no longer looks like a q-tip in them!  They still give her quite a cushy tushy, though.

Baby feet.  Mmmmmm..... nom nom nom.

She's 13 weeks today!

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