Thursday, December 02, 2010

Seven months of Avery!

I'm a week and a half overdue with this. November was a rough month for me! I was sick TWICE, after never getting sick for literally years. I started the month off with a wicked cold that took about two weeks to clear fully, then a week later I came down with some kind of violent gastrointestinal bug that had me throwing up (eeeeyuck). Luckily I was well enough by Thanksgiving to go to our friends' house for turkey dinner, although I think I must be the only person in America who didn't gain weight on Thanksgiving! My stomach just was not up to gluttony, alas.

Enough about me, let's talk about Avery! She turned seven months old the day before Thanksgiving! Her seventh month was all about figuring out this crawling thing. She is still not totally proficient, but just this morning she moved forward halfway across the room to get to me! She's almost 7.5 months old, so she didn't really accomplish that last month, but she was really close!

Last week in church she was actually climbing up the back of the pew. I told Adam, it's time to drop the crib! I walked in a few days ago to get her from her nap to find her on her knees trying to pull up on the crib. I've seen her actually do it when I was there, so I know she can. She likes to pull up on other stuff too, though she hasn't really gotten to the dangerous point yet of pulling up on tv stand, coffee table, etc -just hasn't occurred to her yet I think.

We sort of started solids. It's not really going that well. She just doesn't seem that into it. If I try to feed her purees, she just gags on them. I was enterprising and made some baby food, but I've mostly thrown it away - she just doesn't want to eat food. We've tried a lot of different things - avocado, banana, sweet potato, beef, chicken, mixed veggies, apples & strawberries... I've had the most success with avocado, and only if I feed it to her with my fingers!I'm going to be nursing her until she goes to grade school... god I hope I'm kidding LOL. 

Here she is eating her first food - egg yolk.  She mostly just smeared it all over herself and the high chair.  Not sure any really went down her throat.  I'm going to have to start therapy just to deal with the mess of feeding a baby - it takes 20 minutes to try getting her to eat and then another 30 of cleaning up after it.  I'm going to be spending my whole day feeding/cleaning.  It gives me hives to think about it!
Still cute as ever.

On the move.

Avery just learned how to do "wah-wah's" a week ago.  She moves a toy or her fist around her mouth and goes "aaaaaaaaaaa" so it makes a wah-wah-wah sound.  She also figured out how to go "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba" and "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma".

Just a little more than a week until we're going to be headed back to the mainland to spend Christmas with Yaya and Poppy.  Adam is working a new job now, which means he doesn't have to work nights anymore and he gets holidays off.

Gotta end this.  She just woke up from her (20 minute) nap and I can hear her going, "a-ma-ma-ma-ma" on the monitor -cuuuuute.

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katie said...

ahhh...she is soooo cute! i can't wait to give her kisses!