Sunday, January 09, 2011

Four generations!

 We were busy this week with a trip to San Antonio to visit my Grandfather - Avery's GREAT Grandfather.  Yes, we have five generations living on my dad's side and four on my mom's.  We are lucky!  Avery loved Papa and she went to him right away with no anxiety or tears! 
 It was fun to show Avery all the animals.  She's never seen animals like these before!  Papa has exotic birds, deer, peacocks, alpacas, horses, a donkey, dogs, cats, and even a lynx!  Avery was a little nervous about the big newfoundland dogs Tessie and Tory, and also about the horses. 
 That's Victor in the cage.  He's a funny bird who says, "Tom!" (My grandpa's name).  And, "hello!"
 In the four wheeler on our way to see the horses with Papa and Carol.  We got to see some deer on the way.

 Feeding apple slices to the horses.  Avery was a little scared of them and she kept trying to climb up me, presumably to get away!
That's Natalie the lynx.  Natalie just stared at Avery - I think she wanted to make a tasty snack out of her!  It was a fun time!

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Lindsey Broere said...

Oh.My. GOODNESS...he is such a handsome man! How fortunate that he could meet and spend time with Avery!