Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nine months of Avery!

We went to Avery's nine month well baby visit on Monday, her nine month birthday!  She weighs 19 lbs now!  And she's 27.5 inches long, which means she's grown more than three inches since her six month visit.

Avery's ninth month was full of exuberant exploration.  She has been crawling everywhere.  We are not baby proofed so that means my day is spent deterring her from pulling things off shelves or on top of her.  She is also pulling up on anything that looks convenient for it... which sometimes results in a few bumps and bruises (and tears).  No matter how closely you supervise, sometimes even when I'm right next to her, she still takes a tumble.

She is talking up a storm, babbling all kinds of different syllables.  Ba, ma, da, wa and some funny sounding ones like therby, blerby, and bwahp.  We were having lunch yesterday with my friend S and her baby who is seven months old, and the babies were sitting at the end of the table in high chairs next to each other.  Avery turned to the other baby and starts flapping her arm and going, "BWAP!  Bwah-BWAH, BAH!"  And the poor little guy stuck his lip out and started crying!  He must have thought she was yelling at him.

She is still not really interested in food.  She will sometimes enthusiastically eat banana or avocado or a date, but for the most part, she still acts like you put dirt in her mouth when you feed her something.  I see other people feeding their babies and I'm like, see Avery?!  That baby is eating!  I guess she will come around when she's ready...???  Or I'll just be nursing her until she goes to college, hahaaaa.

I'm pretty sure we are in the middle of the dreaded nine month sleep regression here.  Avery's sleep and napping are pretty bad right now (what else is new, right?).  It's taking me forever to convince her to nap while she fights it the whole time and then she naps for 20 minutes!  At night, she acts tired so we get her ready for bed but when I lay down to nurse her, she starts acting like a rabid ferret, so we come back downstairs to play for a while longer.  Half the time I'm just getting in bed with her and not bothering to try to put her in her crib because I'm ready for bed by the time we finally get her to sleep.  I'm trying to pay less attention to her night waking, so I don't know exactly how many times she is waking during the night, but it's a lot.  Like probably 5 times?  Or 8?  Not sure.  The more I pay attention and count, etc, the more frustrated I get and the more awake I get so I just try not to notice!

In spite of the sleep difficulties, we are having such a fun time.  This is the best age!  She is becoming such a little person and is actually learning things like how to give kisses, do snooties, hand you something, and even trying to imitate when you say hi, uh oh, or laugh.  It just keeps getting better and better.

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