Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking forward

Today is our last day on the mainland.  Tomorrow morning Avery and I are headed back to Hawaii.  No one is sadder than I.  Yes, of course, I'm happy to see my husband again.  Buuuuut... man, I just get so lonely on my own all day with the little elf.  Which is an unexpected state of affairs for me, the classic introvert.  Normally I am happy as a clam in my hermitage.  It's certainly not like being alone in solitude, at liberty to devour books, watch movies, take a long shower, go for a jog, and etc.  Sometimes being a stay at home mama can make you feel like you're all alone in the world.  (Sorry, was I projecting?  By "you" I meant "me".)

I know I need to get out more, make some friends, meet more moms with young'ns.  Apparently I am very bad at that.  I hope now that Avery is getting easier to cart around hither and yon, I will make some more friends or at least find some activities to keep me busy.  She is still too wee for story time at the library (which is mere blocks from our house!  how happy am I to live so close to the library!  however, it has all been for naught thus far as I have had exactly zero time/space/mental energy for all the lovely books I'd like), but I am planning to sign us up for infant swim classes, so there is that.  And soon she will be walking - I'd wager in the next month or two - so that opens up a world of possibilities.  We live close to several playgrounds and the pool in our neighborhood has a little area where water things squirt out of the ground that I think she will like.  Then there is the zoo and the beach - though those are two activities that would really be more enjoyable with another adult around. 

ANYWAY!  I am trying to think of all the positive things I have to look forward to back in Hawaii and not be sad that I'm losing my constant companion (Mom).  I'm being rather silly about it too, because she and a friend of ours are traveling to Hawaii in a couple of weeks to stay with me while Adam goes on a work trip.  And then a couple weeks after that Adam's folks will come to visit us and Adam will take leave from work for their trip so that will be fun.  And then, it will be March, and Avery will be almost ONE!  So.  Chin up.  Lots to look forward to.  Spoonful of sugar.

Wish us luck tomorrow.  We'll be six hours on the plane.  Pray we have an empty seat next to ours.

PS: Avery ripped a huge chunk of hair out of my head yesterday.  Just thought I'd let you know.  It really hurt!  Those sticky little hands......

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