Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Yesterday was my thirty-first birthday. How did it come to pass that I'm in my fourth decade on earth? Seriously. Another year gone by. I remember when I was younger, thinking people in their thirties were old. Not like ancient old, but just, you know, mature old. All grown up. And now here I am, a grown up? I guess so.

Now that I'm a parent myself, my birthday has taken on a whole new meaning. Yesterday I said to my mom this is as much her day is it is mine. I know every year on Avery's birthday I'm going to be reliving going into labor, going to the hospital, and the moment she was born - the first time I got to see her and look in her eyes. I'm sure my mom does the same every time my birthday comes around.

Mom and Dad both came out to spend the day with me and we went out to lunch at a beach cafe, then had a nice dinner at home complete with yummy chocolate brownies. Dad already had to leave to get back for work, but Mom is staying for a little while longer. Avery is happy to have her Yaya back and so am I of course!


Nina said...

Happy Birthday chica! Glad it was a good one and that you have your Yaya there too!

nicknmegan said...

Happy Birthday!!