Saturday, October 14, 2006

Get it together!

I really need to get it together. Being out of town at the wedding last weekend really threw me off! I haven't had good things to eat in my apartment because I didn't have time to get to the grocery store. My stomach has been upset all week! At first I was suspecting it was the protein powder, which would be weird since I've been using this brand for about a month now with absolutely no incident. The upset tummy came on really suddenly on Monday and just kind of stuck around. Who knows? It's still not quite normal. And my mom is in town which is nice but also equals more stress. Like she has my car and is staying with my aunt, and I can't get to the grocery if I don't have my car!!! I only use my car on the weekend to drive to errands or the mall. I take metro to work. But I need my car!!!

No exercise happened yesterday. I think my body needed a break, but not exercising seems to make me feel not good. I actually notice my appetite is greater when I don't exercise, and then the next day (like today) I kinda feel like, eh, maybe I won't exercise today either. I think I want to run today. I may do a long run - 10 miles. Just work out all the toxins. But the weather has turned cold now! It's 35 outside, but the sun is shining. I haven't run in the cold yet this year, so it will be interesting to see how I feel. I will need to gauge how much clothing I will have to wear, considering it will be much colder in the morning before sunrise. I need to get some reflective gear, at a minimum. My co-worker says he is going to give me a small knife to carry. I still can't see carrying a knife on my runs!! It seems crazy, and I can't imagine actually using it. Does anyone else do this?

As for losing the last 3-5 lbs (it keeps fluctuating), aaak. I have been struggling to get these last few lbs off ALL YEAR. What is frustrating is that it doesn't seem like my calorie defecit = weight lost. What is up with that? My biggest issue is snacking after dinner, which I think I do because I work out in the a.m. and my mind subconsciously thinks it needs more calories pre-work out. But most of the time, even when I do eat before bed, I still stay under the calories I burn during the day. I guess it could be the thing that is preventing fat loss.

It's like my body just really wants to keep this amount of bodyfat. Because when I regularly eat more, like closer to what I burn daily, I don't gain, I stay the same. But when I eat less, I stay the same too! My goal is to be between 125-130, where I was before I moved up here, and where I felt more comfortable in my skin. Grr. I WILL get there before the holidays.

Now off to enjoy that sunny, brisk morning!

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