Monday, March 10, 2008

Thyrogen Injection - Part 1 (and more Salivary Gland Pain)

I got my first thyrogen injection this morning. I got my blood pressure taken and then the nurse said, ok, turn around and lower your pants! That's the first time I can remember getting a shot in the rear. Today she did the right cheek and tomorrow will be the left (what?!). Good times. It didn't hurt too bad, although my heart was racing. The nurse told me, "You're about to feel a pinch, don't jump," but of course I did when she jabbed me. It stung a little and feels a little achey in my glute now. Not pain, not soreness... like a headache. In my ass. (What?!) She said I could still exercise, so I'm planning to do my cardio tomorrow as usual. Actually I have some cardio to do today too, if I still feel normal after work. I didn't get to it this morning after my workout because I was running late. I feel pretty normal now, no side effects to speak of yet. This is much better than stopping my medicine! Tomorrow I get another shot and then get my blood drawn; Wednesday I get the RAI and get my blood drawn; Friday I get my blood drawn and then have my scan.

Meanwhile, my left parotid gland is getting worse and worse. It's sore all the time now, even though it's not swelling as much when I eat. The inside of my cheek is all torn up, I assume from the swelling and my back molars, and it's super painful. I'm biting the bullet and making an appointment with an ENT. :(

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VW said...

I'm right there with you. Just had my 1st injection this morning (I did this last year too right after my thyroidectomy - am doing again now for 1 year follow-up body scan).

Good luck!!!