Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weird times at EMS

Man I am tired today. I have not gotten enough sleep since Monday. I was at the gym this morning trying to do some half-assed cardio -- my body just does not feel recovered from my workout on Wednesday.

Tuesday evening I was out late at Hudson Trail Outfitters looking for hiking boots. I bought a pair of women's Vasque Breezes, but when I tried them on the next day they felt too small. So on Wednesday I went to Eastern Mountain Sports in Clarendon to try on some more boots. What an experience that was... the shoe salesman seemed a bit odd to start off. Then he asked me what I do and when I told him I work on Iran he started asking me all these questions, really putting me on the spot!! What are we doing about Iran, why aren't we doing more, how are we going to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, etc.

I was like, dude. I worry about these questions all. day. long. Seriously, we are doing a lot of stuff and we are doing our best as a government to take care of shit. Believe me, in most cases, even when it seems like the government is just screwing things up, there are real people working behind the scenes, just trying to do the best they can. Give us a frickin' break! So I finally asked him what HE thinks we should do.

To my surprise he started going off about how we need to bomb Iran and take out their nuclear facilities and do everything we can to stop them! Gak! Ok then. THEN he tells me Bob Galucci's son works right there in that very store! (Bob Galucci negotiated the previous nuclear deal with North Korea back in the early 90's). How weird is that?! It was a strange evening. But I did find some boots! I ended up with the men's Vasques. Love them.

And yesterday! ADAM arrived! YAY! He didn't get in until 8:30, but he's here now for a week and a half! Man it sucks to go off to work today and tomorrow, but next week I'm off on vacation! We are going out into the mountains of West Virginia to do some hiking and get away from the city. Bliss.


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