Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thyrogen Scan Results

.... almost clean scan. I know. It's not what I was hoping to hear either! But it's most likely not cancer, just leftover thyroid tissue and I don't have to be retreated!

My mom came at 10 in the morning and we headed off for the adventure. First to the clinic for MORE bloodwork (at which I have to say, do they REALLY need that much blood?? REALLY?) and then on to the hospital for the scans. We were over an hour early so we stopped at the National Cathedral to light a candle. After our spirits were properly uplifted, we went down the street to Washington Hospital Center.

I'm always amazed whenever we park in the garage and walk across the street, through the clouds of cigarette smoke and people SITTING OUTSIDE THE CANCER CENTER SMOKING CIGARETTES. WTF.

I got called in right away and lay down on the machine. Dim room, radio on, Mom across the room reading magazines. The tech covered me with a warm blanket and put a pillow under my knees. Then the machine comes down really close, like a couple of inches, from my nose and sits there for about 10 minutes before it starts to slllloooowwly move down the rest of my body. Takes about 30 minutes total. I was groggy and sleepy when it was over. We had to walk down into the basement to nuclear medicine for two more scans - another big flat camera right over my face and neck that takes 20 minutes and then a pinhole focused right on my neck, another 20 minutes.

Then the waiting. Judge Judy is on the TV and the other women in the room were clucking and chatting about the appalling situations being aired on national television. I read Oprah's home magazine and ate my turkey burger and green pepper strips. Finally we were called back.

There's still a small spot, but most likely it is just residual thyroid tissue that might even continue to die off as time goes on. My bloodwork from Wednesday was negative for the marker that would indicate cancer, which is a very good sign. Another round of blood tests from Friday will confirm that, which I will not know until next week. So. Anticlimactic, but good overall. I can't say CLEAN scan, but it's the next best thing! Provided the results next week are NEGATIVE, I can say with confidence that I am CANCER FREE!!!

We had to drive through scary Northeast DC back to Arlington in the early DC rush hour. I was exhausted, but we had plans to go to Cheesecake Factory, so instead of home we headed to Clarendon to meet my aunt and have a wine before dinner time. I talked to several people on the phone about the results. My aunt, uncle and mom ordered a slice of Linda's fudge cake for dessert to celebrate my birthday, since I didn't get cake on my actual birthday. YUM. I ate the majority of it and don't feel guilty ONE SINGLE BIT. It was the perfect ending to the day!

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