Monday, March 31, 2008


Adam left this morning to go back to Hawaii. I'm so sad! It's such a long time that we will have to be separated - it's hard to keep a positive attitude about it. November 2009 sounds so far away. :( We had a great time while he was here and I took the whole week off of work! That is the first time I've had a whole week vacation from work since I started working at the State Department in January 2006. The last time I was out for a whole week was last January when I had my radiation treatment and was in isolation; well, that was more than a week, but doesn't count as a vacation!! We went out to West Virginia and did some hiking and resting - no computer, not even cell phone coverage!! We also saw Luray Caverns on the way back to DC, which was pretty cool, they are pretty big! We went to Baltimore and saw the National Aquarium and all sorts of weird fish and sharks. And we saw the Cherry Blossoms, which are in bloom right now. Those are my favorite national "treasure" in DC! I'll post some pics soon.

I also took a whole week off from the gym, which is unheard of!! We were doing some hiking, and were pretty active so it wasn't like I was just slumming around, but I definitely needed a break from the weights. I could feel my motivation flagging in my workouts. This week I'm picking up again with New Rules of Lifting workouts, which have some unique exercises and pairings. I'll write a review soon of the book and workouts after I have a chance to do a few of them. Seems like there's less focus on heavy lifting, but maybe I just haven't gotten used to the exercises to move more weight yet. I'm interested to see if I get different results in programs Cosgrove designed specifically with women in mind.

Just wanted to check in and let y'all know I didn't break both my hands in a hiking accident or anything! Later...!

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Laurie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I try with the veggies every meal but it's not a given yet (esp breakfast that my husband usually makes while I'm working).

Laughed that you work for the state dept - I used to work in immigration law and doubt I will ever forget the web address for visas/passports as I seemed to recite it several times daily.

Twice now I've had New Rules of Lifting from the library and haven't sat down to get through it - it looks really good, but non-fiction requires more brain power and time than I usually can give to my 2 minute reading spurts.