Wednesday, October 08, 2008

'Sup y'all

Adam finally called me from Turkalurkadurk yesterday evening and even though our call was dropped no fewer than five times, we managed to talk for almost 30 minutes! He says I will never be able to tell the internets where he is (boo!) but he assures me it smells bad (everywhere) and is hot (constantly), but he is eating well and likes his accomodations better than staying in a CONEX shipping container. As much as it sucks, I think he kind of likes playing GI Joe, kwim?

As for me, my cute little cafe table and chairs will be gone tonight, and the coffee table will be gone tomorrow, and hopefully my dresser and wardrobe will be gone by this weekend. Then I think it will really start to sink in that I am OMFGMOVING! Cause, you know, I'm still hanging around all weekend eating bon bons instead of packing or something useful. I rawk.

What's new with you?


Lindsey said...

Think I'm going to put together all the "clues" as to Adam's location and start guessing. Can you tell us if we guess correctly :-) how long now until the big move? Things are just falling right into place!

Visionquester said...

Hi Michelle,
My new found unemployment has now afforded me the time to visit OPB..other people's blogs! Holy crap.. you are moving!!! You are sooo brave girl... so brave. Congratulations to you on the start of a new exciting chapter in your life....

I have to go read and find out how you made your decsion... too cool.

Thanks again for being honest with me and letting me know my delt was lagging... I couldn't have placed as high as I did in my show without that info. For that I am forever indebted to you.


Morkai said...

Aha, found ya.. clever that clicking profile link thing :) Blame the drugs, or the fever, I'm not totally with it right now.

Grats on moving and stuff. Adam looks like a real sweetie. And DC looks georgeous in those photo's, I can see why you'll miss it.

Glad I inspired you on the bells, I love love love them, so much fun to work with. And so much cheaper to setup a home workout area with them than having to buy a squat cage!