Thursday, October 02, 2008

Totally Fine. Too fine, in fact.....

Several people have emailed asking if I'm ok - I guess you can't leave up a post like that last one and then have radio silence without people starting to wonder whether you've gone all Thelma and Louise or Sylvia Plath or something... I'M TOTALLY FINE!! :)

I have been in MUCH better spirits the last few days! I actually woke up Monday morning feeling all fine and chipper and what? I barely even REMEMBER blogging about being down in the dumps! Don't get me wrong, I'm still totally freaking the hell out because OMG I'm MOVING to a SMALL ISLAND with nothing but TWO SUITCASES in THREE FREAKING WEEKS!

I decided to stop worrying about the church and the wedding until I get myself securely installed on said island... did you know there are NO pretty catholic churches in either Oahu or Las Vegas? I shit you not, Adam has been driving all over the island looking at churches and besides the cathedral which neither of us wants to spend A THOUSAND DOLLARS reserving, we are at a loss. I've got half a mind to go ahead and get married in Kansas, 5,000 of Adam's family members and all, just because they actually have pretty churches that do not cost a cool grand to get hitched in. In all seriousness, those exhorbitant fees seem like extortion to me and I think they should be ashamed of themselves before God and the Pope.

Anyway, enough about that because I'M NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW! I have enough other things to think/worry about with the move that I do not need that stress right now on top of it!

I have furniture to sell and reservations to make and packing to do and just way too much to worry about!!! I'm feeling too calm and collected to have this much to worry about. Shouldn't I be running around like a chicken with my head cut off right about now? I'm totally not! Which scares me because I really need to get on top of all this shit!

Right now I'm off to get blood drawn. I'm so sick of getting stuck with needles, I swear! I see my endo for the last time on Monday and he's going to tell me what the next steps are so I can make sure I get the right follow up care at my next doctor. I'm supposed to have another scan here soon. I'll have to do it probably with a military doctor? Who knows! Just add it to the OMFGMOVING list! Whee!

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