Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 things....

Well, it was only a matter of time until I got tagged by the Facebook 25 things meme. So here goes (this is really off the cuff)!

1. I'm a pisces and whether you believe in astrology or not, the shoe fits me.

2. I went to three different high schools and three different colleges (high school: Germany, Alabama, Turkey; college: Germany, UT Austin, TX A&M).

3. The longest I've ever lived anywhere was 6 years spent from ages 3-8 in Las Vegas, NV where my parents live now.

4. I have a college degree in psychology. No I am not analyzing you.

5. I've had a polygraph examination before.

6. I never planned on becoming an expert on weapons of mass destruction policy - I just sort of fell into it. In fact, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I went to grad school on a whim and because I got a scholarship.

7. I have one sister who lives in Florida and she gave the most rockin' maid of honor speech at my wedding (it was the only point where I nearly cried).

8. I graduated from high school in Izmir, Turkey in a class of 11. Our school district spanned a distance greater than the continental U.S. from the Azores, Portugal in the Pacific Ocean, to Rota, Spain, to Bahrain and three schools in Turkey at Adana, Izmir and Ankara. We played basketball against the Bahraini girls who wore hijab (headscarves) and long sleeves/pants on the court and kicked our butts!

9. I used to be a wild child. Clubs, raves, drinking and drugs. I have admitted all of this to the U.S. government.

10. I was raised Catholic and had to attend CCD/church until we moved to Turkey when my parents stopped making us go. I was supposed to get confirmed, but I didn't finish the class until 2007. I believe in saints, angels, and the Virgin Mary and try to outrun my guilt complex.

11. I married a man who was once in the seminary. Now we go to church every weekend and even though I don't agree with all the Catholic dogma, I love the ritual and mysticism of Catholicism.

12. I want kids. Sometimes I want them NOW, NOW, NOW. Sometimes that scares me a little and I think of all the ways my life will change once I have them. For instance, how am I going to drag a baby to China???

13. I'm scuba certified and got my open-water cert in a lake in Texas where there are catfish as big as your thigh.

14. When I was little I cut all of my cousin's hair off with a pair of plastic Mickey Mouse scissors while my dad was watching football... ahem, I mean babysitting us. To this day it is still everyone's favorite story to tell when the family all gets together, especially if there are newcomers.

15. I struggle with maintaining my weight. I have been really thin a couple of times in my life through strict diet mainly. When I am winging my diet, I tend to be pretty soft and voluptuous (thanks Mom lol).

16. I love being an athlete. I love to lift weights and get a good sweat going on. I never said I was good at it though!

17. I had thyroid cancer and I got to be radioactive as part of my treatments when I had to ingest radioactive iodine and be isolated for a week. A year later, my best girlfriend in DC who worked in the same office as me was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

18. I still can't believe I live in Hawaii.

19. I love Adam more and more each day. Would y'all believe he rubs my feet almost every night?!

20. I also love anything chocolate.

21. I used to be a real dreamer and fancied myself a writer/poet/anti-establishment modern day bohemian beatnik. Now I'm a yuppie.

22. I drive a white Honda Civic. Too fast.

23. I pack my lunch every day in a huge cooler that people make fun of me for - it's been called my "pharmacy of food." I get comments about what I eat all the time.

24. My favorite color to wear is blue. My favorite color for the home is green.

25. I have a window in my office that looks down on the ocean and Pearl Harbor. You can come visit anytime!


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Laurie said...

Don't worry about the baby thing - it'll be your baby and you and your husband are traveller's your baby will be to, don't worry about it. Love your 25 things - I'm so addicted to FB.

I'm sorry PN isn't all that you hoped, but you do have a million stressors going on in your life right now - probably not the best time. Just print off/save all the lessons and go back and do them on your own when you're ready.

I love the intutive eating practice. The book comes from a very Zen/Buddhist approach (which is right up my alley) but it does make cross reference several times to Catholic/Christen religion as well. There a a bunch of exercies/meditations throughout the book (adnd a CD to guide you through some of the more important ones) and it sounds to me like you could use a little meditation in your life right now :)

Congrats on the marriage!!