Friday, February 06, 2009

Monumental tasks

Don't worry - I'm not holding out on you guys. We just don't have anything to report yet. The detailer was evidently on leave last week and this week was too busy to respond. Commence the waiting while I waffle back and forth between excitement about moving to Germany, dread about quitting work, and a general sense of anxiety and worry about the whole affair. It sort of helps that I'm super extremely bored at work, which makes me want to QUIT NOW. But then they start talking about how I am going to be the continuity on this or that after the two military guys leave our shop and I start to feel guilty and all like, I can't QUIT! They NEED me!

And of course right now I am up to my ears in boxes since my stuff got delivered on Monday and I keep unpacking and organizing but it never seems to end and all I can do is wade through mounds of packing paper moving things around from here to there and feeling forlorn. Woe. And we are talking about doing this again in less than a YEAR?! Am I out of my freaking mind?! Yes. Yes I am.


thomaspa said...

moving to germany???

Laurie said...


Shantay said...

Wow, seems like yesterday you were off to Hawaii. Now you are talking moving to Germany or back to DC? Talking a baby? Girl you are just looking for some adventure aren't you! I get all those feelings you discribed when I think about us moving too. I love new adventures! Hubby isn't really into change, so it makes a move not so much reality. lol We have talked about moving for job opportunities for him.. like to Tn where my family is or Fl where more of my family is. LOL All of his family is HERE, so I have a feeling that is a much stronger hold than mine. LOL

Erin from TT said...

Michelle...Abby just sent me this and said you got married!!! WOW!! Congratulations to you both. You look and sound so incredibly happy!! Woohoo for you!! I'll have to get caught up on your blog...finding time is the challenge for me! Congratulations guys make a beautiful couple! Erin (from TT) :)