Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, we're not going to Germany, but we ARE going to Australia and New Zealand!!!

This week has been BUSY! I've actually had a lot going on at work instead of my usual low-grade boredom, and we haven't even had time to accomplish our goal of getting our wedding thank you's done... tonight might not work either cause I need to be packing for our HONEYMOON! I'm so excited we are leaving on Saturday morning to Sydney, Australia and hopping on a cruise ship for TWO WHOLE GLORIOUS BLISSFUL WEEKS!!! It's going to fly by so fast.

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1
Sydney, Australia

Day 2
Sydney, Australia

Day 3
Phillip Island, Australia

Day 4
Melbourne, Australia

Day 5
At Sea

Day 6
Hobart, Tasmania

Day 7
At Sea

Day 8
At Sea

Day 9
Milford Sound, New Zealand

Day 9
Doubtful Sound

Day 9
Dusky Sound

Day 10
Dunedin, New Zealand

Day 11
Christchurch, New Zealand

Day 12
Wellington, New Zealand

Day 13
Volcanic White Island, N.Z.

Day 14
Tauranga, New Zealand

Day 15
Auckland, New Zealand

We are trying to figure out what to do in each port call since we're only in port for the day each time we will barely have enough time to see a few things! There are a TON of shore excursions including kayaking, biking, train rides through the New Zealand Alps, city tours, wine tastings and more. Not to mention everything there is to do on the ship - can you say SPA-AHHH!

I will have a ton of pics when we get back!

Also, we are not going to Germany. Yes it is sad but I am at peace with it and I feel like it's the right thing. I feel like it is the "sign" we were waiting for... the detailer offered us AFRICOM and after talking to the guy Adam would be replacing we decided no, not for us! 12 hour days and sub-optimal housing and facilities. We could live with not the greatest living conditions IF the job was great... or we could live with a kind of crappy job IF the living conditions would be pretty cool... but both sounds like a bad assignment! So, as much as we both wanted to live in Europe, we also realize that we've barely had any time to enjoy the islands. And there is plenty of adventure left here. We want to travel to the big island and Kauai, and go to Japan, China and Thailand while we're here and relatively close.

So that is that. If I don't see y'all again before we depart, I'll catch ya on the flipside, after March 16! Think good thoughts for a successful vacation!



I hope you two have the most fantastic time. I can't wait to see pictures!! Oh and I AM in the process of sending you a wedding present. I am just inexcusable slow at these things. Have a blast!!

Chris said...

Just in case you guys check the blog from your trip:

Doubtful Sound / Milford Sound are fantastic. Lots of dolphins, beautiful flora, and the best part, it's completely silent. I recommend sea kayaking. Also, Ice climbing on the fox glacier, or helicopter rides up to the peaks. We spent three weeks on the south island a few years ago, and they had a whole "Lord of the Rings" helicopter tour where they would drop you off at different places (impossible to reach by car) where they filmed the movie.

I'm actually posting this from Johannesburg, South Africa, where we're on safari. Exact same dates as you, too, left Saturday, return March 16th. Have fun, and congrats!

Shantay said...

Just popping in to say, I hope you are enjoying the Honeymoon! I am sure you will have tons of stories to share once you are back. I look forward to the pics and adventures!