Friday, May 28, 2010

Hopefully the cute photos make up for the lack of wit

Avery surprised us all by sleeping for seven hours a couple nights ago! I woke at 3 am after going to bed at 9:30 and was like, what the heck, where is the baby?! I had to get up and come downstairs to see... sure enough, still sleeping. She woke soon after that to be fed and thank goodness because my chest felt like boulders for needing to be drained. Of course, I'm not daft enough to think we would get a repeat performance. She was back to her 2-3 hour routine the next night. Can growth spurts last for two weeks? Because I think she's been on one for over a week now!

She even outgrew her newborn size diapers! It seemed like it happened in a matter of hours. We put one on her and the next change she needed a bigger size because her little tushie was hanging out the back. We've got her in her cloth dipes now - they finally fit! She looks like a q-tip because there's still a lot of extra padding since these are one-size diapers for up to 35 lbs. But I think it will be just fine and as she grows they will fit better.
We took her out day before yesterday because I had to go to the clinic, and then we went out for breakfast and to browse around the mall. Note to self: bring more diapers and changes of clothes than you think you will need! She blew out a diaper and outfit in the hospital, and then when we were at the restaurant, she blew out another one! We cleaned her up as best we could, and then went to the Baby Gap in the mall and got a cheap onesie on sale to put on her.
Of course she cried again in the carseat on the way home. This is the face she made after she resigned herself... isn't it the saddest thing you've ever seen?! It breaks my heart! We had to pull over in Chinatown so we could nurse because she was crying so much.
This was her second outfit of the day, in the hospital. That onesie was just supposed to be a BACKUP!
This little pink sleeper doesn't even fit her anymore! Especially not since her bum is so fluffy in her Fuzzi Bunz.
Little Angel Baby.

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Nina said...

I don't think that you need to worry -- I have found that cute picturs make up for lack of words every time! :) Also, I think it is normal for growth spurts to last 7-10 days...there is the 3 wks, 6 wks, 3 months and 6 month ones that happen and yes, each one seemed to happen for a while!

She is beautiful! I love that last picture especially!