Thursday, May 13, 2010


I would finish the birth story if I could keep my hands off this adorable little bean for more than 5 minutes while I am awake! In the meantime... hey, did you know what is more painful than your skin tearing apart when a baby's head emerges from your nether region without any pain medication, and then getting stitched up afterward when -ahem- that local anesthetic DOES NOT REALLY WORK, YO. What could be more painful than that?? When the wound gets infected! Yes, that happened to me, BECAUSE OF COURSE IT DID.

I was feeling better at the two week mark - mostly healed in fact - when all of a sudden I got a whole bunch of pain and some swelling building up a couple days ago. It got bad enough yesterday that I actually went and sat in the emergency clinic for three hours to be seen and discovered that yep, I've got an infection going on. TMI for sure, but hey, it's the biggest news going on 'round here. [If I was going to write about our days, it would no doubt go like this: today I nursed Avery every 2-3 hours, and I managed to get 2-6 hours of sleep somewhere in there, and she pooped and peed all over herself while getting her diaper changed, blew out another diaper, and dirtied every outfit that fits her with either poop, pee or urp. The end.]

Who the heck knows how it happened because I assure you my hygiene has been impeccable and I've followed all the hospital's post-birth instructions. I've even managed somehow to shower just about every day in between nursing sessions. But happen it did. And it's so painful that the doctor gave me vicodin! They didn't even give me that after the birth! But I haven't taken any of it because evidently I prefer to suffer rather than expose my preshus babe to narcotics. Where is my medal??

Anyway, so yesterday I almost died. Of pain. Today I am sort of kind of feeling a little better, after nearly 24 hrs of antibiotics. Mom is out at Vitamin Shoppe getting us some probiotics because don't you know the next thing will be a yeast infection or worse - thrush.

Having babies! Don't you wanna?!

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Nina said...

If it makes you feel any better, or any more likely to take medications if you need them, the Boog seems just fine, despite the fact that they had me taking vicodin, percoset AND mega advil after the c-section. And my scar got gnarly and infected a few days after the surgery and they had to OPEN IT UP AGAIN AND DRAIN IT. My recommendation would be to listen to your doc and if they think that you need pain medication, you probably do...especially if it is interfering with your ability to enjoy/survive this time... Hugs to you! That sounds extremely unpleasant...