Sunday, May 02, 2010

One Week Old

We survived the first week of new parenthood. It has been a wild ride! Life at the moment revolves around little Avery. And for me that means being in the nursing chair most of the day ... and night. That sleep deprivation thing is for real, y'all. I have no idea how anyone would do this alone. I am so lucky and thankful to have my mom here helping me - she is a saint. She has been making me food and sitting with the baby while I sleep. Adam had to go back to work starting on Friday, so he's been gone all night (the hardest time) and sleeping most of the day. I'm up with Avery most of the night, with some snoozing, and then mom has been taking her in the early morning and letting me sleep. I've been trying to bring her into bed with me because she wakes up if we put her in the basinette, but I'm still not able to get much sleep if I do that because she makes little noises all the while, and I worry she is going to suffocate - on the blanket, my shirt, my boob, or roll over into the mattress. I suppose the more I get used to her it will get easier (right? right??)

Also? Breastfeeding? Is hard. It's clearer to me now why so many people don't do it. For one thing, it's painful at first and I don't care what anyone says about it not hurting if you're going it right. You have to get used to someone sucking on your nipples 24/7, it's gonna hurt a bit. And I'm the only one who can provide that for her, so there's no breaks! When baby wants to eat, I'm up nursing.

I had a minor meltdown a couple days ago when I was just sitting there holding her and started to cry. For no good reason... just the dropoff of all that post-birth adrenaline and hormones, feeling overwhelmed by this giant spanse of emotions, being tired, etc, etc.

Still, we are loving parenting the Little Elf. She is so cute and sweet! We have dozens of pictures of her sleeping. She doesn't spend much time awake, except to say, "I'm hungry!"

Look how she is changing in just a week! Her cheeks are starting to chub up.

And she smiles all the time in her sleep. It is the cutest thing - we usually don't manage to catch it on camera!
Our first outing in the sling! So tiny and precious!

Ok, the little one is letting us know it's time to eat again!

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