Monday, July 02, 2007

Adam caught a Fish!!

Reeled in a big one... he almost had to put his beer down.


Chris said...

What a Hunkahunkaburnin'love!

Just got back from Russ Fong's wedding in Cali, it was a good time. Saw Russ, Vernon, Paul T, Melissa Pennington, Megan Lewis, Megan G, Barton, Brenda, Tim Cubbison, Demetri, and a few more. I'll link up some pics once I get them off my camera and offline.

After that, we drove our rental SUV through NorCal, Oregon, and Washington, almost to Vancouver. My parents were up there looking at land on islands in the Puget Sound to build on. We spent a week hiking, and got some great pics, including one of a bald eagle from only about 30 yards away.

Glad to see you're blogging again! You still haven't answered my invitation to get together. I'm serious.

Chris said...

Seriously, worst blogger ever! Updates?