Saturday, July 21, 2007

Crazy is as crazy does...

Ballston Metro is a wacky place. For such a high rent area, there are lots of weirdos and shady characters that hang out there... the drug dealer with the marijuana baseball cap who sits on the stairwell by the little cafe (and his friends), the little Asian man playing that funny instrument, couple homeless guys, posse's of high-schoolers looking for trouble... and lately I have been seeing this lady who looks rather normal, except that she has a bag of birdseed and is FEEDING THE GAWDAM PIGEONS. Who, I implore you, dear readers, WHO? Feeds pigeons? PIGEONS? This is why I must assume that, although she looks like a regular 9-5'er, she's got a screw loose, if you know what I mean... They aren't real "birds" in my opinion, they are PESTS. Like rodents. Or cockroaches. In the category of "Things We Try to Exterminate." They are prolific enough on their own, they certainly don't need to be FED. Shit. Every time I walk by her and she is doling out seed to the crowd of pigeons, I want to shake her.

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maxie's pad said...

Michelle, Thankyou for the shout out. I love your blog. And checking in and reading something new is very interesting to me. Your blog is one of two that I read. The other one is written by a dear friend, who I met when visiting the South of France for a small writing workshop. The town is Castelanau de Montmiral. I had such an amazing time when I was there. And reading my friend's blog, reminds me of this wonderous trip.
And I digress. I found it interesting that you called me your "cancer sister". Interesting because even though I'm a 40 year survivor of thyroid cancer, I don't really consider myself a cancer survivor. Even the word "cancer" has a bit of a shocking sound to it. Words do tend to signify different things to different people. I had thyroid cancer when I was 17. Noone told me it was cancer, but I knew that my thyroid gland had been removed. I found out a few years later that it was "cancer", but I never really had a relationship to that word. In fact, it continues to shock me. In my mind, thyroid cancer was something from the distant past...sort of life a past life. Even with the radioactive iodine treatment that I received again, about a year ago, I still couldn't wrap my mind around the word. And I'm okay with that. The context that I think about having had "cancer", is that I get an invisible card that I know I have. Not many people know. And because I have this card, I get to have more fun, take more risks, and do things that I might not have done without the card. And I have had a life filled with fulfilled passion. Whether it's been spontaneous wild passionate lovemaking in the back seat of a car with a man I hardly knew, or going to the other side of the world just for the fun of it, or embarking on countless adventures that I never would have I think, had I not had a secret "cancer card." For all that, as I celebrate 58 years since birth next week, on july 26th, mother of three extraordinary and magnificent adult kids, mom of a sweet dog named Baba, who is a reincarnated spiritual master.....if all that qualifies me as a "cancer sister", then so be it. The gift of cancer has been mine.
And if meeting in this virtual reality, an amazing woman, such as you, Michelle, then cancer continues to give and to not take away anything.
maxine in miami