Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ok, oK! I'll post already!

My one and only fan (Chris) is getting restless that I haven't updated my poor neglected blog! Before I forget, my orchid is dying! the leaves are turning yellow and frying off... what do I do??
Seriously, no one reads this blog. My mom and sister check up, Adam clicks on every once in a while to see if the stories I tell about him are true, and Chris... and Paul wanders over every once in a while. Oh, and a shout out to Maxine in Miami, my cancer sister - hey Maxine! And that's it!

I've been blogging over on a fitness forum where I can obsess about my macronutrient ratios and how to perfect my squat form in the gym and it's normal and people actually read what I write!! I suspect it's the cancer flavor of this blog, it probably scares off anyone who wanders in to see what it's about. That and I need a new, better title probably. But the cancer bit, for sure... I don't think I would have dwelled on a cancer blog in my days BC (before cancer) because, you know, if you don't acknowledge it and focus on it, then it's not real. But getting to know someone with cancer, even just through the blogosphere, brings it home - it happens to normal people, just like me, going about their business.

What else can I say?

I've made some recent forays onto USAJobs looking for alternative work situations (i.e.: not in DC) because I'm reaching the breaking point with this city. There are many times during my days when I just think to myself, I can't do this anymore! Like today for instance, I'm riding the metro home and of course the AC doesn't work in the car I happen into and of course it's humid and soggy and crowded as hell in there. The woman behind me has her bulbous bosoms and large belly pressed up against me and I feel violated by these three masses poking into my back and rear end... the guy in front of me is leaning his sweaty back against my arm and someone has b.o. A woman sneezes several times without covering her face. This is my life.

If I didn't have the goshdarn coolest job in the world (IMHO), I would up and quit this place in a heartbeat. My real dream job is, of course, leading rafting tours down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, but I don't think those jobs come with stellar health plans and, well, the cancer thing kinda threw a wrench in any plans I might've dreamed up for flitting around nomad-style again. At least in the near term.

I don't mean to sound negative, but I did just get off the metro and these are the things that wear on me... next time I'll try to post from my happy place!

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Chris said...

I hear ya on the DC thing. I'm starting classes at Georgetown's B-school in less than a month, so we'll likely be here for a little under 2 more years. By that point, I'll be 29, we will have spent 7 years here, and we're thinking Colorado too! Who knows where I'll get a job though, it could be international.

Did I mention Daniel Phelps works as a foreign service officer in Muscat, Oman?

I'll write more later, but the orchid thing isn't your fault. Unbeknownst to you, it was already dying a slow death when you got it. I've had lots and lots of orchids, and the healthy ones you get from nurseries can survive lots of abuse, but the ones you buy from Whole Foods, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. ALL have root rot. You can slow it down and maybe even stop it with a heavy duty antifungal called "Captan", but your best bet is to just buy directly from a nursery where you're starting with a healthy plant.

How about if I bribe you with a healthy orchid in exchange for all of us getting together for drinks?