Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How to Achieve Your Dreams - The Last Lecture

Edit: this must have reached critical mass, cause there's an article in the NYTimes about it too. Click here.

You guys have GOT TO SEE THIS. I saw this last year, as my own cancer treatment was still fresh in my experience. If you do nothing else this week, you should watch this video. It's long - over an hour - but it is so worth the investment.

It is the "Last Lecture" of Randy Pausch, a 47-year-old computer-science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who has terminal pancreatic cancer. He was given six months to live. He said goodbye to his students and the Pittsburgh college in September with one last lecture called "How to Live Your Childhood Dreams," on his life's journey and the lessons he's learned. I saw on the news this morning that ABC is doing a special on it tonight at 10p Eastern time. He's still alive; he has been on chemotherapy to slow the growth of the tumors. The chemo worked well until two weeks ago, when he was hospitalized with congestive heart and renal failure caused by the chemo. He is now at home, getting his strength back.

Or see it here.

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Hey girl..I saw the abridged version from the Oprah show and I loved it!!! Wow...