Friday, April 11, 2008

New Rules of Lifting for Women

I went for a run on the trails this morning. Didn't want to go, but I am so glad I made myself cause it felt SO GOOD. The temperature was right around 55, cool breeze - perfect weather. I really want to get some more running in this spring and maybe train for another 10-miler or half marathon. I've been off the trails out of paranoia because there have been a bunch of attacks on female joggers in Arlington lately. There was another one a couple weeks ago. Guess I'll just have to remember to bring my pepper spray and some whoop-ass hehe. It's not funny, though!

Weather yesterday was beautiful too. I walked down to the Lincoln Memorial and walked around the reflecting pool. Days like yesterday when I still feel like it's cool that I live and work in DC. Most of the time lately I'm just anxious and frustrated and wanting to leave here. I think that's one of the reasons why I haven't been sleeping that well lately. I lay awake and worry and feel anxious.

On New Rules for Women -- Laurie, I don't think it's a man/woman thing like the BFL for Women book which was a total SUCK. In fact, I think much of the front matter of the book is much better written than the original and provides more information. I think EVERYONE could benefit from reading it. I think the workouts feel less challenging because the program is written to appeal to all kinds of exercisers, especially women who have been working out for a long time, even using weights, but haven't moved past "doing the machines." For someone who's never touched an Olympic barbell, you can't just throw them into a program with all kinds of crazy supersets like in NROL!! I'm just enjoying it right now, I'm trying to be better about not needing to go balls out 100% of the time. Sometimes it's ok to chill out a bit in the gym, work on your form and enjoy not feeling so trashed after a workout that you could get a nap!! Anyway, it looks like the program is about to pick up a bit as I'm done with the first phase after tomorrow. Then I move on to a 3x6 rep scheme, which I'm really looking forward to!

Catch y'all later...


Visionquester said...

It's not funny. I had pepper spray in my hand about a month ago when a highly intoxicated man came right up behind me and Lord knows what was about to happen. Thank God Lizzy went after him and also a truck just happened to pull out of his driveway and saw the whole thing. He stopped to see if I was ok. Lizzy was on the prowl after that circling me all the way home.

Pepper spray is only useful if you are aware of your surroundings. My mistake was listening to my Ipod. I couldn't hear him coming.

Be careful girl. It's no joke.
(btw...this was South Dakota) Home of the cowboy, bison, and Mt. Rushmore. Look where you are!!!

Stay safe,
Love, ~C.

Michelle said...

oh my gosh, C, that is insanely scary! that is what these attacks are - the women have ipods on and the attacker/s sneak up behind them. i used to be so cavalier, running in the pitch dark all by myself with nothing until my friend whose brother is a cop told me i needed pepper spray, a whistle and a knife! shit! but i can't live my life in fear, though, kwim?

Lindsey said...

Feeling anxious, huh? You and Neil must be drinking the same water. He has been pacing at night for WEEKS and thinking of every reason to sell our house and move on to some new scenery. You and him must share the same "gypsy spirit". Perhaps you need the sun and beaches of Hawaii :-)

OH--have you tried a Zumba class...they are AMAZING..slightly embarrassing...but sill amazing

Visionquester said...

Yeah.. the key is to get a good dog and to keep the music down a bit.


Laurie said...

Hey thanks for the low-down I really appreciate it. I need to focus and spend some time reading that book. It's just reading exercise books is just now how I choose to spend what little time I have to read (and I have enough fitness mags that I'm backed up on) but you've given me renewed motivation to check into it again. Thanks.