Thursday, April 24, 2008

Salivary Parotid Gland Pain Update and Work (Ugh)

Work this week has just been exhausting if you know what I mean. Yesterday was particularly annoying, just tons of little twisty things trying to screw up my chi!! Including having to argue with someone at the very end of the day about whether to say "probably" or "perhaps" in a paper I was working on. OMG RU FING KIDDING ME??? The project I was working on got held up. I can feel my soul leaking out when stuff like this happens. It makes my head want to explode. I was so irritated about it that it woke me up in the middle of the night! My irritation! It woke me in the night!! GAH.


I need to get off the couch and go run or whatever I end up doing today (is it raining again?)... but I'm waiting on the Oprah Ekhart Tolle show to download to my iTunes.


I think I forgot to update about my salivary gland ages ago. I went to an ENT finally who poked around and told me she didn't think I have a stone. I'm not so sure she's right cause I can kinda feel something in there, not sure if it's a stone or what? But it still hurts on the left side. She did scare the shit outta me by telling me if stones develop deep in the gland they will have to remove the whole thing and that is a major surgery and I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE SURGERY TO REMOVE ANY MORE GLANDS THANKYOUVERYMUCH. So. Still freaking out a little bit about that one. Will keep you posted as I will have to go back for MRI's and stuff if it's not gone by June.


Ooh, my file is done. Must motivate. I will have more to say about toxins soon, so stay tuned!


Lindsey said...

Oh man...don't you hate going to bed irritated--that's the WORST! Hopefully your run helped you vent some frustration.

I'm lookin forward to the "toxins" entry. There is so much stuff out there that it is hard to filter through and find what is actually legit.

Almost one week...microwave and plastic free :-)

Visionquester said...

whoa... I just got back from the grocery store and am pleased with my decision to buy organic apples and oranges.

I got really into this stuff while I was homeschooling my son. Started with puting him on the Feingold diet. Free of all artificial colors and preservatives and just snowballed from there.

Now he's a teen and eats nothing but crap.. oh well.