Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kelly Willis and Amanda Shaw at the Birchmere

Confession: I had kind of a rough week. Adam left me and I had to go back to work after my vacation, who wouldn't? I just wasn't feeling good about myself or my path, just questioning everything. How do you balance what is probably best in the long run with living the life you want right here right now? How could I give up one dream to get another? But I was laying in bed this morning thinking, I feel like my life is passing me by! I guess I could be more proactive in creating the life I want around me instead of thinking I need to run off in search of adventure and the next exciting thing. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you achieve your dreams!! Because then what? I always thought I wanted to go to grad school and then work for the State Department - that goal was like a bright shining light up ahead of me, it seemed almost impossible, first starting out, that I would really ever achieve it. But then I did! And it's great, I love it. You think achieving this thing you've been wanting so much is going to make you happy and fulfilled, but then you get it and it becomes normal, and you're on to feeling dissatisfied and restless again. Or maybe that's just me. I'm restless. I've always had wanderlust in my heart.

I'd probably be thinking the same thing in a year or so if I dropped everything and went out to Hawaii to be with Adam. But then we would be onto the next thing because his assignment would be up! But then maybe I would really regret leaving DC in the first place. Maybe not. Do you make decisions (or not) based on the possibility of regret in the future? I've never really been that way, I've always kind of jumped in head first come hell or high water... but this would be a BIG regret I think...


Friday night rocked! I went to see Kelly Willis at the Birchmere. Kelly was great, but even more I liked the group that opened for her, Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys. Amanda plays the violin... and I mean, that girl plays that violin! Click here and check her out! Listen to the French Jig. This doesn't even do justice to what she sounds like live - and she's only 17! So fun.

Yesterday I cleaned and cleaned off my bookshelves with a whole pile of books to get rid of, and cleaned out my closet, put up all my sweaters. Today is the gym, groceries, church, you know, Sunday stuff!

Here are a couple pics from West VA! And more here.

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